What We Should Learn Through the Years!

Dad passed away on my birthday last year. Father’s Day had an unusual emptiness this year. The day was full of mixed thoughts and feelings. Dad may be gone, but not forgotten. His advice and examples that he set through the years lives on.

I Think I Can.....I Knew I Could!

Some experts believe our basic personality traits are “set in stone” by age 15 and there will be few major changes after that. They base this on genetics and what we are exposed to in school and life. For instance, what we learned in kindergarten helps set the tone in how we should treat others. Maybe some need to go back to kindergarten?

From Outhouses to New Plumbing Trends

My grandparents had outhouses on their farms until the early ‘60s. Their outhouses were frightening places. There were always spider webs, disgusting flies, and snakes that hung around to eat the mice. During the dark nights, it was easy to visualize many bad things lurking below in that smelly pit.

Living Longer With Positive Attitudes!

Optimists tend to have a lot more fun. They see a world full of exciting positive changes. It’s never boring. Very little ruins their days. Even rainy days can be fun because of the fresh smell of the rain as it cleanses their environment. Their rain will bring more flowers tomorrow.

A "Boring" Article that May Save Your Life!

If all the ants on the earth formed a chain, they could circle the earth 125,000 times. There is a lot going on below the ground these days with ants and also with a process called boring, which is an effective way to install various new utilities and services. It’s safe to ignore the ants, but there is a value in understanding the risks of boring.

Antiques or Healthy Heating and Cooling Systems?   

Antiques can be a form of history full of hidden stories. A worn handle on an antique tool indicates lots of hard work. If it has been repaired, the repairs can be interesting too as they tell stories of ingenuity and challenging times.

Avoiding an Explosive End to Life?

When we see flashing red emergency lights or hear about serious accidents our interests peak. Did someone die or get seriously hurt? Do I know them? Why did it happen?