It Seemed to Make Sense!

History indicates some things seemed like a good idea until they weren’t. For instance, in the 1950s smoking was cool, cheap, fashionable, and socially acceptable. Everybody was doing it. Ashtrays were everywhere including doctor’s waiting rooms until smoking was linked to lung cancer. My father-in-law was smoking a cigarette as he explained something will kill him. Lung cancer did. I watched Elmer take his last breath.

More Bright and Beautiful Days?   

Today seems a lot like yesterday. It should be busy again. It’s time to accomplish what we can and then get some well-deserved sleep tonight. Tomorrow it will be time again for a cup of coffee in the morning, a quick shower, and it’s off to the races to start another day. Days may seem the same but will they always be like this?   

Everyone Deserves Comfort and Safety!

Few remember when monthly bills were $9 for cable TV, $15 for electricity, $5 for water, gasoline was 37 cents a gallon, and the newspapers were 10 cents. Deb and I remember those days well when we were first married.

Ten Important Plumbing Tips Plumbers Want to Share!

Ten Important Plumbing Tips Plumbers Want to Share!


What messages would plumbers hope consumers fully understand? Here are some basic plumbing tips plumbers suggested that can save you money and protect your health.

What Should Weeds and Good HVAC Look Like?

Most people know what weeds looks like. Especially this time of year because weeds are often winning the battle. What should good HVAC look like? First of all, what is HVAC? Being in the business it seemed everyone knew what HVAC was until a nice, elderly lady asked me to explain what HVAC means. HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. OK, let’s get back to weeds.

What We Should Learn Through the Years!

Dad passed away on my birthday last year. Father’s Day had an unusual emptiness this year. The day was full of mixed thoughts and feelings. Dad may be gone, but not forgotten. His advice and examples that he set through the years lives on.

I Think I Can.....I Knew I Could!

Some experts believe our basic personality traits are “set in stone” by age 15 and there will be few major changes after that. They base this on genetics and what we are exposed to in school and life. For instance, what we learned in kindergarten helps set the tone in how we should treat others. Maybe some need to go back to kindergarten?