Should We Eat Those Fish Today? 

Encouraging Quality Customer Service!

Does it seem like every five minutes it’s time for breakfast? The world is changing really fast. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are driving the speed of many changes. Some businesses must adapt quickly to survive and may lose their customer service focus.

Finding Those "Secret Formulas"!

Mom and I were lucky to find a parking place at 11:30 in the parking lot for Stauffer’s Cafe and Pie Shoppe. Stauffer’s was busy as ever, but there were still a few tables available. Their staff is great at keeping tables cleared and making sure customers are treated right.

"Unsung Heroes Behind the Scenes" Protect Us!

It seems strange to go away from the Neighborhood Extra insert to the full-page format after all these years, but it’s kind of a good strange. The new full-page format should bring on some new readers, so it makes sense to explain the basic purpose and benefits of my articles. They are written to improve your safety, health, comfort, and save you money.

Making Life Better!

Age improves our vision of life. When we were young it seemed like we would never get old. Tick tock tick tock. Where did that time go?  

Are You Hearing More Sneezing and Coughing Today?  

Yes, we are definitely hearing more coughing and sneezing than ever before because the quality of our air is quickly declining. More people than ever are suffering from major respiratory issues. It’s not our imaginations. Our world has changed.   

Some "Cold, Hard Facts" and Methods to Prevent Frozen Pipes!

It’s an uneasy feeling when you turn on a faucet during a cold winter, and nothing comes out. You know the water bill was paid, and the kitchen faucet worked a few minutes ago. But the bathroom faucet is not working…hmmm. Then reality hits…the pipes may be frozen. The “Cold, Hard Facts” are ice is blocking your water supply pipes, and water will not pass through.