Some "Cold, Hard Facts" and Methods to Prevent Frozen Pipes!

It’s an uneasy feeling when you turn on a faucet during a cold winter, and nothing comes out. You know the water bill was paid, and the kitchen faucet worked a few minutes ago. But the bathroom faucet is not working…hmmm. Then reality hits…the pipes may be frozen. The “Cold, Hard Facts” are ice is blocking your water supply pipes, and water will not pass through.

Bring on 2018!     

Grandpa Zohner never really retired completely. His “retirement” included maintaining a huge garden, working part time preparing homes for auctions, tinkering, and inventing things. When he fished it seemed like work because his tackle box was huge. I remember him walking toward his best fishing spots at Sprunk’s sandpits by Columbus while carrying that huge tackle box, a cane pole, and a folding chair. It was a memorable sight.

Achieving a "Balanced" Life!

A very moving TV show that can tug at our hearts is This Is Us. It’s about the life of a couple that had triplets and one died at birth. At that exact moment in time a newborn African American baby appeared at the hospital. The couple adopted Randall, who through time had some common struggles living in their predominantly white world. When Randall was ready to go to college he explained in life “he just always felt “off balance” somehow. Life was just more complicated”.

Blessings to Add to Our Thanksgiving Lists!

Thanksgiving is an incredible holiday. It’s a great time to give thanks and count our many blessings. We live in a special country that has so much going for it. It’s far from perfect, but we can typically fix what needs correction if we pull together as a team.

What's in a Quality Service Maintenance Agreement?    

The 24-hour fitness center doors were locked. The sign said permanently closed. I had just paid my annual membership 2 weeks prior to that. This was back in 1983 and losing $239 of hard earned money really hit home. Deb and I lived on a tight budget while raising our family.

Why our country changed

Why Has Our Country Changed?

Some wonder why our country is like it is today. It’s obvious to those that have seen the changes. Here’s what I have seen.

It Seemed to Make Sense!

History indicates some things seemed like a good idea until they weren’t. For instance, in the 1950s smoking was cool, cheap, fashionable, and socially acceptable. Everybody was doing it. Ashtrays were everywhere including doctor’s waiting rooms until smoking was linked to lung cancer. My father-in-law was smoking a cigarette as he explained something will kill him. Lung cancer did. I watched Elmer take his last breath.