Meet the John Henry's Team

Team Member Selection

Each team member at John Henry’s is carefully selected to ensure they reflect the attitude and culture we believe so strongly in. 

  1. We advertising through word of mouth, newspaper and online, candidates provide their credentials. 
  2. We utilize a combination of tools including, Culture Index,  which helps us match potential candidates to a job that fits their natural talents. Of course experience, education, skills testing and other traditional tools are put to work. 
  3. After initial screening and criminal background check the initial interview process takes place with several associates. 
  4. A second set if interviews is initiated after the first if they show outstanding potential. Candidates that appear to be a good fit are then drug tested before starting work at John Henry’s. 
  5. After being hired, performance reviews are provided to give feedback to associates on what they do well and where they can improve. Some associates thrive in this environment while others do not. Not all associates prove to be long term fits for the JH team. You can be assured we strive to retain the finest most reliable and trustworthy employees we can hire, grow, coach and train, all for your satisfaction.