Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and HVAC Testimonials

I live outside of Lincoln. I was having trouble with the person who put my unit in over 10 years ago. The original seller kept telling me I needed a new one. I bought the unit and was having it checked every Spring and Fall. I was paying the dealer of this system over 100.00 every 6 months for a check up. I paid for parts and repairs that could have been under warranty. I discovered John Henry’s by accident. They came out today, did a thorough check of my system. Told me the condition and showed me things that should have been done. Some of the things like cleaning out the coils on the air handler, cleaning out the sump pump. These had never been done. I have spent my last dime with the dealer I had. John Henry’s gave me all the info I needed. They told me I did not need a new system as my old dealer was trying to sell me one year ago. John Henry’s is honest, clean, respectful, and will come out in short order. They have people 7 days a week. I called and thanked the owner today. I have never been so pleased in all my life. This man built his business on service after the sale, not by ripping people off and trying to sell parts and new systems. Just do me a favor, if you have problems with your air conditioning, heating, plumbing please do yourself a favor and call John Henry’s in Lincoln. I have piece of mind now. I am not worried that I have to cough up 12,000.00 to replace my system. It just needed cleaning and checked. Supposedly what my old dealer was doing every six months and taking my money. I spent thousands over the last 32 years. Not anymore. John Henry’s will take care of me and my wife should I pass. I am so thankful for them. I want to rave about them, if only one person is saved money like I was, then I did my job. Darren Smith a worker from John Henry’s was a professional all the way. Thank you all at John Henry’s for giving me peace of mind.

Sincerely, Byron E.

My air conditioning went out Friday night and I chose John Henry’s because of your 7am to 7pm pledge, and I am glad I did. I called Saturday morning and was given the option of paying overtime Saturday night or waiting until Sunday(!!!) for straight time. Since the heat wave had broke and I had Saturday plans, I chose the Sunday option. The technician was prompt, professional,friendly and answered the many questions I had. I will definitely use your services again in the future.

Comfortably yours, Liz S.

My family and I recently had a clogged drain in our kitchen. Because I am friends with Jay Vanis we called John Henry’s for help. We have had plumbing issues in the past (and have even used John Henry’s) but I was genuinely impressed this time around. The plumber (I apologize for not remembering his name) was a young guy who had served his country as a sniper and is now raising a family here in Lincoln. Brian was polite, well spoken, respectful, and did very good work. I have 4 children (all under 6 yrs old) and they were very curious about the whole process. He was very accommodating of their curiosity but was also very determined to finish his job as quickly as possible so that we could get back to life as normal. When the solution to our clogged drain did not immediately present itself he even climbed up on our roof to see if our vent was plugged. I was very impressed with this young man and would highly recommend his services to anyone else I know. To me the caliber of people a company hires also says a lot about that company. Having this young man on your team definitely says a lot about John Henry’s. If it is possible please let this young man know that we really appreciated his service.

Thank you, Brian B.

We know that folks are quick to complain, well in all fairness we have to commend your team for the quick and quality response we received. Our annual winter inspection required our furnace of 25 yrs. be shut down, or read about us in the obits!

We decided to get three quotes, and John Henry gave us the best bid by far, and that included a duct cleaning!

Aaron Davis came within hours to advise & price us on a new & quiet Lennox…very professional! Eli & Ron were our technicians, and they were courteous, careful, and efficient.

We called J.H. because we had seen your people installing systems in our neighborhood, all with positive recommendations. Well, for the record we would recommend J H too! 

Thank you, John & Dianne S

Darren did a wonderful job, was polite and knowledgeable when he was at his home today doing a clean and service on his furnace.

– Randy L.

Out of three plumbers that provided estimates, John Henry’s was the only one to suggest increasing gas pressure (a free gas company upgrade) to allow for smaller copper tubing size for the new run. He showed knowledge and solved the problem with a thought out plan. All contacts were professional and ON TIME. Previous plumbers I’ve had missed appointments or failed to write down scheduled appointments. Will use John Henry’s from now on! Did a good job and showed up for all appointments on time!

Thank you, Mike P.

The speed of repairman’s arrival was great and his speed in repair was remarkable.

– Dennis B.

As always, FAST service, the techs are great!

– Katie B.

Very professional – I would use John Henry’s again and refer all of my friends. You guys have our business!

Technician was very nice and helpful explaining my drain problems. I have recommended him to many people.

We would like to thank you for the wonderful service that we received when we called your company in mid-December with a heating issue. Darren was the first technician who came to our house. He was very patient and polite to us while explaining the problem that we had. He never once seemed to be in a hurry and I am sure he had more houses to get to. The next day, a Sunday, Ryan came to our house to talk with us about purchasing a new furnace. Ryan was very helpful when explaining all of our choices. We appreciated that Ryan came out on a Sunday, and we didn’t have to take off work to meet with him. We had decided that we would get our new furnace and water heater installed on the coming Friday. However, our furnace didn’t make it until then! Not knowing who to contact early Monday morning, I called Ryan and left a message that our heat was out. He called the shop for me and soon I got a call asking when would be a good time for a technician to come out. A temporary fix was done for us. Later that day when we came home from work, our heat was out again! We called Ryan again, and within a short time, another technician was at our house. There was not a temporary fix that could be done, so Ryan moved our install date to Wednesday. We were very thankful to only have to go without heat for a day and a half as opposed to the whole week!

We were very pleased with all of the people that we came into contact with when working out our situation, including the ladies on the phone, the technicians, and Ryan. We will not hesitate to call john Henry’s if we ever have an issue again. We sincerely thank everyone who helped us.

Sara & Russell S

The fastest response I have ever had to an emergency of "any" kind in a situation where time was the determining factor between saving part of your home and losing it. The Tech was warm, friendly and most of all fast and efficient. It took him less than 20 minutes to replace our sump pump to begin reversing the incoming water flow. Thanks

Rod P.

Once again John Henry's service kicks the ball out of the stadium. The tech's performance continues the excellent service of a long line of service staff. Not only customer oriented but just plain nice folks. Thanks

Larry N.

Very professional, Friendly and informative. Diagnoses was through and complete. Solved the problem very quickly. Appreciate the fast service on such a short notice. I've used John Henry's before , and will use them again! Thanks Chuck, and John Henry's!

Vern D.