Plumbing and Sewer Excavation Services

If you have any suspicion that your sewer line may be clogged because of slow drainage in your sinks, bathtubs or toilet, don’t hesitate to contact professionals for help. Before you deal with overflow from clogged drainage systems, we will find the problem and resolve it for you! Your local professionals in resolving plumbing trouble, we’re the Lincoln area experts on sewer replacement or repair.

Main Sewer

When soil expands and causes pipes to shift, your sewer lines can become damaged. Roots from trees or plants are also a natural culprit when it comes to sewer trouble. They tend to invade many lines after a period of time causing cracks or breaks. When this happens your pipes in your house drain slower as a result – and much damage can occur to your home or yard. Don’t ignore a slow drain! We will find the cracks or obstructions and repair the breaks for you quickly. This call will save your lines and will also save you from further damage if caught early.


Our plumbers will come to your home or business and inspect the lines. This is performed by highly trained professionals that are certified and experienced in finding the problem and resolving it as quickly as possible. The process is a step by step system of getting into the pipes with a camera, taking a look at the problem and giving you a detailed report in order to resolve the situation as cost effectively as possible. If needed, we can either repair or replace the damaged sewer pipes. We will work quickly and efficiently in order to get your household back to normal. “Our reputation is comforting” and proof of the quality of our work.

Why You Can Trust Us

Certified with the Better Business Bureau, with professional and reliable experience, we also stand by the fact that our customers are satisfied with our work. The results speak for themselves. Call or click today and you’ll see why we’re the trusted problem-solvers for sewer problems in the area: 402-435-5555