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It’s Time to Enjoy the Most Important Chapter!


Does it feel like you are rushing through life at full speed forward? There always seems to be places to go and things to do. Some days it feels like there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. The reality is you will continue to stay busy until all of a sudden, you will reach the beginning of the most important chapter of your life.

Yes, eventually retirement happens. That’s where I am at today as I write my last article. With mixed emotions I am going to say goodbye to you in this last article the best I can and share some heartfelt thoughts. I will miss writing. It’s been challenging and fun.

Deciding when to retire was incredibly difficult. I still feel great and hope to have a lot of years ahead. At the same time, we never know for sure; especially now with COVID-19 lurking in the background. It’s better to move on while I have my health and can enjoy the remaining time, which is hopefully many years!

Little is ever said about what to expect as we walk away from our busy business lives. It’s challenging to give up the habit of working hard. Yes, some years I worked over 80 hours a week as I built our business. Working excessively wasn’t fair to our family although we did OK. Hopefully I can give back some lost time to my family during these retirement years.

Currently, voids in time are being filled with productive things like our lake house remodel that is in full swing. I am busy as ever. Some things never change. The lake house will be like an amusement park for our three daughters, their husbands, and those charming 15 grandkids. Let’s have fun!

My most important message is to gratefully thank the many people that helped me get to this point in life. There was support from so many that made a huge difference. Thanks to mentors like Bob Converse, Jerry Joyce, Gary Tunison, and others. You led by example as you reached down to help in times of need. You are gone but never forgotten.

Thanks also to Doane College for teaching me how to think out of the box and improve writing skills.

Thanks to the John Henry’s team for all your hard work. You’ve saved lives and made our community safer. Please continue to be totally dedicated and serve professionally. You are some of the best of the best. I had my “moment” in the business world and now it’s time for your “moment”. I am proud of each of you!

Thanks to the loyal John Henry’s customers that provided support through the years. John Henrys and many other businesses in our community will need your support more than ever during the COVID-19 epidemic. It’s important that you continue business as usual with them during what could be financially challenging times. For instance, consider purchasing an Air Scrubber from John Henrys to reduce viruses and keep up your service maintenance.

Thanks to my loyal readers that have shown appreciation since I started in 2001. Your recognition, words of encouragement, and suggestions were especially meaningful.

Researching and writing the articles taught me to look for the interesting things in life so they could be shared. Some research made me nervous. A great example is the way viruses are transmitted. I learned automatic faucets and soap dispensers reduce virus transmission. All hand air dryers should be eliminated from public rest rooms and replaced with paper towels. Yes, public rest room doors should push open as you leave so you do not need to grab the filthy door handles!

Out of habit, I have to ask my readers to do me a favor and that is to take the COVID-19 threat very seriously. Even if you are young and healthy, please realize there are others in the high-risk group that may not survive COVID-19. Imagine how you would feel if you transmitted this virus to your elderly friends, parents, or loved ones?

As I close, two of my favorite entertainers from the past come to mind. Carroll Burnett’s theme song started out with, “I’m so glad we had this time together”….and it ended with “so long”. Red Skelton closed his shows with a boyish wave and words of, “Good night and may God bless”.

Thanks to God for allowing me the privilege to serve you. God bless you all!