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Slowing Down Death?

Bob was my mentor and friend. He used to tell me we are all “penciled in”. Bob was right. He died from lung cancer. The good news was Bob lived a great life. Bob accomplished a lot, loved his family, and was well respected.

A True "Old Plumbers Tale"!       

When you were a kid did you hear a lot of “old wives’ tales” that were passed down through generations? Some call them “old wise tales.” Whatever we prefer to call them, many were true. One of the most common was, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples of course are very healthy to eat.

Making Healthy Choices for Your Future!

Last week a friend told me he has pancreatic cancer. I told “Sam” that I was sorry to hear that, and he joked, “not as sorry as I am.”   “Sam” still has his great sense of humor and hopes to beat this. Survival rates can be 25% in the first five years and “Sam” seemed up for the battle. I am in his corner!

Who Was the Most Important Person in Your Life?

Who Was the Most Important Person in Your Life?

Hiring people with a positive mental attitude is important, so John Henrys developed a detailed interviewing process that works well. One of our favorite (previously secret) interview questions to ask applicants is “who was the most important person in your life and why were they important?” Applicant’s answers tell a lot about their life experiences and beliefs.

Getting Another Fresh Start!

It’s safe to say most of us have experienced being stuck in a rut. Life just continued to quickly pass by while we expected it to get better. The reality is nothing changes unless we alter our direction.

Getting Help to Make the Right Decisions!

Getting Help to Make the Right Decisions!

When John Henrys first started out as a company we began the learning process of purchasing the right service trucks. Starting a company is costly, so we were forced to purchase cheap trucks and that resulted in some mistakes. One of the worst purchases was an ambulance. It was in great shape but had a gas guzzling motor and proved expensive to maintain. This story gets worse.

How to Avoid Plugged Sewers?

We are familiar with things above the ground but not always aware of things that are underground. For instance, there may be 1 million named species of insects living underground and another 100 million more yet to be discovered. That’s difficult to comprehend.