"Maintenance Plans"

HVAC Service Plan

Silver Plan
$195 per year
Clean & Service twice per year, guaranteed service within 24 hours, $50 diagnostic fee, and 15% off repairs
Gold Plan
$265 per year
Clean & Service twice per year, guaranteed service within 24 hours, $35 diagnostic fee, and 30% off repair parts
Platinum Plan
$335 per year
Clean & Service twice per year, guar same day service, no overtime charge diagnostic fee, and 45% off repair

*Prices per heating & cooling system and include a replacement of a 1 inch filter twice a year. Discount does not apply to equipment replacement. Prices do not include sales tax.


Lower fuel bills because your system is running at top efficiency
Extends life of equipment when properly maintained
We call you to schedule service to take pressure off of you
Potential problems are spotted before major expenses occur
Peace of mind with service experts you can trust
Customized plans to fit your equipment with discounts on multiple systems

Proactive Plumbing Plan

*All per month payments will be withdraw on the 15th of each month and quarterly payments will be withdrawn four times on the 15th of every third month from when you sign up. We will take this out of the account that you provide us with.
**All prices do not include sales tax. You must pay sales tax unless you provide us with the proper tax forms.

Terms of Contract:

  • General:
    This service plan is non-transferrable to other properties owned or purchased by owner. Agreements continue from year to year unless terminated. Maintenance inspections shall be scheduled during
  • John Henrys normal work day. Agreements do not cover repairs as the result of damage caused by acts of god, fire, water, ice, accidents, vandalism or negligence in operation.
  • Repair and replace parts necessary to correct defects discovered by this maintenance contract will be at an additional charge.
  • The services outlined in this agreement will be performed during normal working hours as agreed upon with John Henry’s, depending on weather and work load.
  • The term of this agreement shall be 1 year, unless cancelled by either party on 30 days written notice.
  • During the term of the agreement we will take all reasonable precautions to avoid injury to persons and damage to property while on the premises, but we shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages.
  • We shall not be liable for losses or defects arising out of vandalism, fire, flood, wind, war, riots or nature and other circumstances out of our control. In such cases, the customer shall be charged for the parts and labor involved at the then current price for such repairs. No such parts or labor shall be furnished without prior authorization from the customer.
  • Given the nature of the work or services listed it may be necessary for John Henry’s to gain access to areas containing moisture causing mold. The customer’s signature on this agreement affirms the knowledge of this potentially as well as their knowledge of the potential harmful effects and damages associated with any mold that might develop. John Henry’s is in no way liable for the treatment or removal of such mold, and in no way warrants or represents that it is licensed or equipped to do so. By signing this agreement the customer unconditionally releases John Henry’s Plumbing Company from any claims, demands or actions whether now, existing or that might arise in the future, as a result of said mold.
  • This contract is subject to an annual inflation increase and renews automatically unless terminated by the customer or John Henry’s. John Henry’s will send renewal letters in advance that clearly indicates any cost of living increases on a yearly basis.

Thank you for your business!

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