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Making 2020 and Beyond Even Better!

As 2020 starts out it’s a great time to revisit our past and use what we learned to help improve our future.

Our past includes two of the best generations this country has ever known. They lived through incredibly challenging times during the Great Depression and World War II. Their generations are recognized for their hard work and dedication that shaped our country.

The Great Depression caused many to lose everything. They struggled to survive. Those struggles seemed to make them stronger and build character. Then came WWII.

WWII was a fight that had to be won. The alternative to losing WWII would have cost even more lives. As it turned out, that war was responsible for the loss of 75 to 85 million lives worldwide or 3% of the world population. It was a blood bath. The painful losses of close loved ones and friends hit home. WWII left mental battle scars for all that lived through it.

Winning that war required Americans to pull more closely together. Everyone contributed even if it was “only” the rationing of material things like gasoline, tires, clothing, and the list goes on.
There were fewer products available because many manufacturing plants were converted to make military supplies.

Americans carefully chose their words during WWII because the enemy was listening. All words mattered. Common phrases like “loose lips sink ships” were seen on posters. It was a time American support for each other and the government was never higher. Political infighting would have weakened our position and cost millions of lives...hmmm.

Hopefully it doesn’t take WWIII to bring Americans together again. Do we have enough strong and physically fit Americans willing to give their lives to win that war? Even with them, there are no guarantees we will win. Will the next war cost our freedom?

Technology and growth moved slowly forward after WWII, then it picked up speed like an unstoppable freight train. Those two generations understood the meaning of hard work. They were dedicated, creative, and thankful. They strived for kinder and gentler times. Sunday was their day of prayer and rest. It was also a time for families to get together and build relationships.

My parents were affected by the Great Depression and WWII. They learned deeply embedded life lessons and shared them with me on our farm near Rising City, Nebraska. Those life lessons make even more sense as time goes on. Especially today.

We live in a scary time. There is a constant threat of terrorism, gang related crimes, drive by shootings, drug crimes, mass shootings in public places like churches, and the list goes on. It’s time to ask ourselves some pointed questions.

Where is our world headed and how will it affect future generations? Will the current direction allow Americans to continue enjoying democracy in a safe and independent country or will they be forced to live under the rule of heartless dictators or communism?

Is it too late to turn the corner? Hopefully not because we have so many good things going for us in what is considered the best country in the world. It’s not broken but needs a major tune up. How can we make 2020 and beyond better?

There is no secret formula, but it seems we can help by constantly sharing what we’ve learned from past generations. Honesty, good morals, commonsense, accountability, and hard work carried them through.

We can also “silently protest” when we experience people that take away from making society better. An example is if we experience poor customer service, we can become that customer that holds others accountable or quietly goes away. We can also be the customer that supports the businesses that do all the right things for all the right reasons.

The vast majority of my articles have been trade related. They were intended to improve the quality of the plumbing, heating, cooling in our community in order to save lives. For instance, it’s so important to tune up furnaces and water heaters to reduce the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It’s even more important to tune ourselves up occasionally. That’s what this article is about. Together we can be difference makers working to improve future generations. It’s another fight worth fighting!

This article is dedicated to all those that have given their lives and fought to protect our country, and to those that serve it in so many ways. That includes all the past generations that have taught us so much. Thank you!