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Getting Facts About Outdoor Plumbing Blockages

What You Need to Know About Outdoor Plumbing Blockages

Plumbing blockages are a common occurrence, especially if the plumbing system isn’t checked and cleaned at least once a year. There are many factors that cause a blockage in plumbing. A blockage is basically anything that constricts the flow through your plumbing system.

Plumbing relies solely on gravity to keep everything flowing properly, so if there is even a small blockage, it can have serious effects. Plumbers have a few different methods of treating blockages, depending on how serious they are.

However, there is one method in particular that is known to work wonders. To learn more about this treatment method and how to avoid plumbing blockages, continue reading below.

Don’t Forget About Your Outdoor Plumbing

Outdoor plumbing maintenance is just as important as indoor plumbing. It is extremely easy to forget about your outdoor plumbing and fixtures, but when they’re neglected, they cause problems.

outdoor plumbingOutdoor plumbing fixtures like:
  • Sinks
  • Showers
  • Pools
  • Hose fixtures
  • Sprinkler systems

These are all things that you may not think need regular maintenance, but skipping this crucial step can significantly decrease the lifespan of your fixtures.

The most important reason to get your outdoor plumbing regular maintenance is because the problems with your outdoor plumbing can easily cause further problems indoors.

When Do Outdoor Pipes Get Clogged?

As mentioned above, clogged pipes are a common occurrence in plumbing systems. Many different things can cause a pipe to get clogged too because plumbing systems don’t work off a pump. They simply use gravity to keep things moving so things can easily get caught in the pipe and slow things down.

outdoor pipes

Some common reasons for clogged pipes are:

  • Faulty pipe installation.
  • If the pipes weren’t installed at a steady decline, this will lead to plumbing issues.
  • Water flow issues.
  • Broken or old pipes.
  • Severe rainstorms.
  • Toiletries
  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Plants and dirt.
  • Trash

Other than faulty pipe installation, every one of these problems can be stopped, thus preventing clogs. Regular plumbing maintenance and inspection will keep your pipes clean and keep you informed of potential future issues. Knowing the state of your plumbing system will save you money on repairs for years to come.

Hydrojetting Can Help

hydrojettingHyrdojetting is a service that is commonly performed by professional plumbers when outdoor plumbing is experiencing blockages. First, the plumber will inspect the pipes to locate the problem. Then hydro-jetting could potentially be the method of choice for eradication.

If your problem is tree roots, hydro-jetting is one of the best options to get rid of tree roots in plumbing systems. Hydrojetting is essentially a hose that is inserted into outdoor pipes and blasts water through the pipes at 35,000 psi.

This service not only clears out any and all blockages, but it completely cleans the inside of your piping system. This is a great thing to have performed on your plumbing system every now and then.

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