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Low Water Pressure? How to Stop Worrying About it Ever Again

Never Have to Worry About Low Water Pressure Again

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In this article, an overview is given on some of the hottest tips and tricks for figuring out why you have low water pressure and how to fix it, like with drain cleaning services! With the help of this handy guide, you will never have to worry about low water pressure ever again.

What Are the Reasons For Low Water Pressure

low water pressureClogged pipes are often the cause of low water pressure in most homes, especially if the house is older. Unclogging the pipes yourself can be nearly impossible and the task will require the help of a plumbing professional.

Pipes can be clogged because of particle build-up or even because of tree roots. The minerals blocking the pipe may be easy to break down with chemicals or with a snake. If there is a plumbing leak this could be another cause of low water pressure.

The cause of low water pressure from a leak is because some of the water is being lost somewhere else. Leaks should be fixed right away as they can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars over time in wasted water as well as water damage and mold removal repairs.

How To Fix Pressure Issues

Cleaning out clogs in the drains and pipes will help to fix low water pressure. A plumber can run regular maintenance on your pipes which is the best way to keep them working well. Chemicals can also be used to clean out pipes, although this is not recommended because the fumes from plumbing chemicals can be very dangerous.

fixing faucet

If there is a leak that is causing the low water pressure the source of the leak should be located and repaired right away to prevent water damage to the surrounding property. Low water pressure can sometimes have nothing to do with your water system and be caused by the source of water. If you can not find the source of the leak or the problem a professional plumber can help with expert diagnosis of the issue.

Is There a Way to Prevent It?

prevention tipsTo prevent low water pressure you can take care of your pipes and faucets with regular maintenance. Having a plumber clean and perform maintenance on your pipes once a year can help them working in top shape.

If the water valve is partially on this could be causing the low water pressure so keep the valve turned all the way in the right direction. If your neighbors or someone else in the home is using water, the supply may have less pressure.

Waiting until others are done using the water can give you better water pressure. Fixing leaks and preventing buildup in the pipes will prevent low water pressure. Vinegar and baking soda can be used instead of a liquid plumber to prevent build up in the pipes.

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