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Tips For Detecting a Potential Water Leak at Your House

Finding Leaks Inside Your House

There are many responsibilities of being a homeowner, and nothing is more stressful than realizing there is a leak. What is even scarier is the fact that the homeowner may not even know they have a leak. An unforeseen water leak can be wasting more water each month than a homeowner may ever know.

To prevent water consumption from being at an all-time high, there are sure signs that can alert the homeowner to potential leaks. Homeowners could be tipped off to a higher water bill, moldy spots, or a sudden musty smell.

Spike in The Water Bill

Many people enjoy the luxury of paying bills online. In many cases, all bills are electronically withdrawn right from the person’s bank account. It is recommended that people check all their bills, especially their water bill, each month to be sure nothing has significantly changed. To make sure that the increased bill isn’t seasonal, compare water bills from the same month from the previous year.

high water bill

If a change in the water bill has been significant, a phone call to a plumber should be made right away to check some potential water leakage spots. The homeowner may also want to shut off the water until the plumber arrives to stop whatever problem could be happening.

Look Out For Moldy Spots

mold spotsA leaky pipe behind a wall is the perfect recipe for the growth of mold and mildew. Since they typically thrive in dark and moist places, this is the perfect storm to indicate to the homeowner that a leak is possible. Homeowners should consider a water leak if mold or mildew is found on a non-shower wall.

The damp spots can also make their way down to the ground as well. Mold can be formed on the floor or up in the ceiling. Black mold would be the biggest culprit to indicate to the homeowner that a plumber should be called.

Not only do moldy spots look and smell displeasing, but they can also be a health hazard to everyone living in the house. This should immediately be taken care of so that it doesn’t spread and become an even bigger health problem.

Musty Smell Shouldn't be Ignored

Old water that accumulates over time develops a very distinct, musty smell. Even after someone does a thorough clean of the entire house, the scent will continue to resonate throughout the house. When there is standing moisture in a room, all the senses are affected, including the olfactory.

musty smell

Once this issue occurs in the room, the room will be impacted by the smell. If someone has never experienced this smell, it can be related to the smell of an old basement. This smell could be a symptom, but it should not be ignored.

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