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What Heating And Cooling Tools Your Technician Should Have

Important HVAC Tools And What They Do

Ensuring you choose an HVAC professional who shows up fully prepared is an important task. They perform a wide variety of jobs and should come prepared with all of the tools and equipment they need to complete your project. An unprepared technician can cost you time, money, and frustration, so here are some tips for what you should look for.

This article will be discussing the tools a quality HVAC contractor should have. From the simple essentials to the technical tools that allow them to keep your HVAC system in top shape.

The Must-Have Essentials

essential toolsThere are certain tools a professional technician should show up with for every job. These essentials are a variety of hand tools that make up a prepared HVAC technician’s tool kit. The first thing to look for is a variety of wrenches, including crescent wrenches, allen wrenches, and pipe wrenches.

These will make sure there’s a perfect match for anything they encounter that needs to be tightened or loosened. Just like with wrenches, your technician should have a large variety of screwdrivers, including heavy-duty and screwdrivers with insulated handles to prevent electric shock.

They spend a lot of time screwing, unscrewing, and prying open panels and equipment. Another one of the HVAC technician essential tools is pliers. They should have wire-strippers, needle-nose, linesman, and open-face pliers.

Any pliers that may come into contact with electricity should be insulated handles as well. The next thing you want to see in their tool belt is a carpenter-style hammer with a claw. HVAC technicians face plenty of situations where they need a hammer or pry something open and a hammer is perfect for the job. A tape measure and level are also part of a prepared HVAC tech’s kit.

Certain Specialized Tools Are Required

Your prepared HVAC technician should arrive with an array of specialized tools that are dependent on the individual job they’re performing in your home. One of the most important specialized tools a tech should have is a multi-meter, also known as a voltmeter. These gadgets measure voltage, so it’s extremely important for safety reasons.

specialized tools

The next thing to look for is a cordless power drill with an extra battery pack and a varied set of bits, ready to tackle anything needed. Since heating and cooling are all about temperature, it makes sense that the next specialized tool is a thermometer. These are used to identify overheated parts or to point out the air temperature coming out of vents to customers.

Lastly, you’ll want to look for a saw if you expect your technician will be handling any metal sheeting during your project. It’s important they’re able to cut through everything with a nice sharp blade.

Safety Precautions Are Key

safety precautionSome of the most important tools a prepared HVAC technician will show up with are their safety tools. The last thing anyone wants to worry about on top of their heating and cooling problem is your technician getting hurt on the job in your home.

To ensure your tech has safety precautions in place you’ll want to look for the following safety tools. First, your HVAC technician should have heavy-duty gloves with a wet-dry grip and special coating for electrical work. This will minimize dangerous accidents from occurring.

Next are durable anti-fog safety glasses to protect their eyes, a flashlight so they can see what they’re doing, heavy-duty boots to protect their feet as they’re climbing around your home, and earplugs to protect their ears from using power tools in confined spaces. All of these safety precautions will ensure your technician is ready to work as safely and efficiently as possible.

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