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Sharing Ideas to Fine Tune Life!

Being semi-retired has been fun. It’s becoming a time to fine tune life even more and move on to the next chapters. Those chapters show promise to be even more fun. Improving our lives as we age makes sense because age should give us the wisdom and experience to improve life.

It’s definitely a time to set the stage for more fun. Deb and I are doing that. For instance, our next fun project is remodeling our lake home we just purchased. It feels like an exciting hobby that continues to get more interesting by the minute.

Our lake home remodel is turning into sort of a “ground up restoration” improvement project like rebuilding a classic car. The details will have to be just right to make sure all the important things get done. I have a specific formula to follow after 46 years of experience in various types of construction and being involved in the trades. Here’s what I recommend:

The landscape and yard will take special consideration to make it as maintenance free as possible. I learned the hard way through the years yardwork can be time consuming if you let it. Design is important. A good example is to avoid that plastic landscape edging that moves around and never lasts. Our landscape will have poured concrete curbing by Curb Appeal. That curbing looks great and is easy to mow next to with no trimming needed.

Exterior maintenance will be reduced by installing permanent siding and trim. The “novelty” of exterior painting is over for me.

The lake home interior will be much easier to design with the expert help of Lisza Coffey of Coffey & Co House of Interiors. Lisza has that special talent that can make any residence more than a home. I did not know that was possible until Lisza did just that to our condo.

The majority of my experience is in plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. It has to be right. Of course, John Henrys will do that work to make the home comfortable and as maintenance free as possible. A good example is by installing a ¾ horsepower InSinkErator garbage disposal the kitchen wastes will be reduced to liquids that won’t plug the kitchen drain line.

The kitchen and bathrooms will have Moen faucets. We like the hands-free Moen kitchen faucet. Handheld Moen shower faucets are a necessity more than a luxury.

Jordan and Kaylon are two experts from John Henrys that will make sure the plumbing bathroom remodels will be perfect and the special water conditioning systems work great. Yes, there will be healthy Reverse Osmosis drinking water!

The heating and cooling systems are extremely important. Of course, we will have a heat pump that can get up to 300% efficiency. Yes, heat pumps can do that under ideal conditions. We will also install a smart thermostat so we can adjust and monitor the HVAC from our iPhones.

One of the most important items will also be a high efficiency air filter that removes at least 95% of the impurities. That’s especially necessary in the country where pollen levels are higher. That air filter will protect the lungs of the 24 of us in our family when we all get together!

We will definitely install a humidifier. Wouldn’t even consider not having one in Nebraska. Skin is the largest organ in our body. The proper humidity level improves skin quality, which of course has a direct effect on our health.

Another commonsense thing to do as the project nears completion will be duct cleaning to remove construction dust in addition to whatever is in the ductwork already. Why spread dust through a freshly remodeled home?

I shared this remodel story because the things we are doing are proven methods that work the best. These are simple things that will make your lives better too.

This will be a fun project full of necessities and also lots of fun things. By spring, the remodel will be done, and it will be time to play. Our pontoon boat will be circling the Middle Island lake making the ducks and geese nervous. There are plenty of fish for the grandkids to catch on warm sunny days. It will be fun!

On a personal note, congratulations to John Henrys for winning the KFOR Best of Lincoln as the Best Plumbing, Heating, and AC Company and also the Best Small Company to Work For. Deb and I are proud of you!