Whether you are just starting out or want to make a career change, this is a great way to do it without any cost out of your pocket! Maybe college did not work out for you or you are just not that “college-type” of person. We will train you to be a Journeyman plumber, a skill that you will have for the rest of your life.

Great plumbers earn great pay at John Henry’s. We understand we need to pay top dollar to keep top-notch people and we have developed performance-based pay plans for that very reason. If you want to make a great living for you and your family, put in an application and let’s talk.

Plumbing Membership Club

Some of our most successful candidates describe themselves like this:
  • Hands on, like to work with my hands.
  • Not interested in school like college.
  • Not interested in an indoor job sitting behind a desk.
  • Like being and working outdoors.
  • Like hunting, fishing, or camping.
  • Doesn’t mind getting dirty and working hard.
  • Like to work overtime.
  • Like a job with variety, something different every day.

Think of this as physical construction type of job as a far as physical strength is required, exposure to outdoor elements year-round plus the demands of on call and overtime. This job is not a fit for everyone, but it may be the perfect fit for you.

We have an exclusive multi-step training program in place that starts people with every experience level and coaches them to be a full experienced plumber. Normally this process takes about four years, but we have seen it done in as little as two.

Apply online today or give us a call at (402) 809-1116 to learn more. This Plumbing Apprentice Program is offered exclusively at John Henry’s!

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