The Most Effective Main-Line Cleaning Method

Our approach is first to inspect, map, and understand the system and the conditions of what is in place now. We will Investigate any problem areas and put together a scheduled plan to get clean and inspect the system on a schedule that both fits your needs, and budget based on the age and the unique conditions of your system and how it is performing.

Lincoln Hydro Jetting Services

Once we have your system mapped and well understood we can respond more quickly and effectively to any emergency conditions that will arise. We can also adjust the frequency of preventive maintenance based on any problem areas you may be dealing with. Some just need to be jetted more often to keep them open!
Working together we can minimize downtime and most importantly, be available when you need us for an emergency regardless of the time of day or day of the week!

Our service area is approximately 150 miles from Lincoln, Nebraska. If you need that area please call and we can discuss your needs. We are happy to serve you if we can!

Emergency Hydro-Jetting & Preventative Maintenance Jetting and Camera Inspection

Waste and Storm Water Systems Planning and Repair For:
  • Municipal
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Property Management
  • University

Hydro-jetting is an effective and environmentally friendly method of drain cleaning that uses high-pressure water to propel a specialized hose and nozzles through your main line to clear tough clogs.

Because this approach uses pressurized water instead of harmful chemicals, it is environmentally friendly and does not pose a threat to humans, pets, or wildlife.

Our highly trained service technicians use state-of-the-art, truck-mounted Hydro-Jetting Machines capable of running 2000 to 4000psi and equipped with up to 600’ of high-pressure hose, and a variety of specially designed nozzles. This level of pressure gives us the power to clear main lines 3” to 20” in diameter from Residential main line jobs to large Municipal & Agricultural settings.

The process of hydro-jetting does not cause any damage to solid, sound, functioning sewer pipes constructed of ABS, PVC, clay, or cast iron.

For long-term municipal and commercial property owner’s maintenance and repair services, rely on the local expertise of John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical. From our home base in Lincoln, Nebraska, our qualified and skilled technicians can work closely with you to provide detailed preventive maintenance plans that include hydro-jetting, camera inspection and video recording, and system documentation in a digital file.

Wastewater and Storm Water Collection System Maintenance Planning

Wastewater and Storm Water Collection System Maintenance PlanningWorking together, we can help you break down and evaluate your system, review your maps, and budget out for several years based on what your budget is. We can provide long-term maintenance plans that extend out over five years and spell out specifically which activities, inspection procedures, and other solution-based options are best for your system, based on the system’s needs.
For example, at the end of each year, our trained technicians can conduct a thorough camera inspection and system cleaning to remove debris and assess the condition of your sewer infrastructure. Based on those findings, we can offer innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Domestic Water Main, Water services, Meter replacement, Fire Hydrant Testing, Repair, Maintenance Planning

Broken water mains and water services require year-round maintenance and repair. We are available for emergency repair service as well as planning scheduled maintenance and testing on domestic potable water systems, mains, residential and commercial services, fire hydrant testing, maintenance, and repair. We utilize both excavation and horizontal drilling for repairs, replacement, and solution-based options to solve your problems and provide the required service to your customers.

Services Offered
  • 24×7 Emergency plugged line hydro jetting clearing offering two size solutions:
  • 1” rodder out to 600’, 6” – 20” sanitary 50 GPM 2,000 PSI
  • 3/8” for small lines, 3” – 6” out to 300’ hot or cold water 8 GPM 4,000 PSI
  • Emergency camera inspection out to 300’
  • Emergency excavation and line repair sewer and water services
  • Preventive Maintenance of Sanitary Sewer Systems with scheduled cleaning/jetting with or without camera inspection
  • System camera inspection, location, mapping of existing systems.
  • Planned maintenance and repair on a schedule and budget that meets your needs.
  • Service and repair on domestic potable water systems, mains, residential and commercial services, fire hydrant testing, maintenance, and repair.
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