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Are you ready for next winter? When you’re enjoying that magical Winter Wonderland outside, make sure you can stay comfortable inside. John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning offers heater installation services through Lincoln. Our winters can get pretty cold, so having a heater that can keep you and your family warm is paramount to enjoying holiday festivities. Want to save money on utilities? Increase the value of your home? Create a better flow of hot air within your house? We’ll install for you a brand new heater that can help you reap all kinds of benefits.

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How Can You Tell It’s Time to Replace Your Heater?

It can be difficult to tell if you should call a professional for heating replacement. If the signs are minor and perhaps you’re just not catching them, minor problems can eventually turn major.

Here are some signs that are dead giveaways that your heater needs to be replaced:

  • Recent Spike in Your Heating Bill: Have you noticed an unexplained increase in your winter utility bills? If so, this could be due to your heater working harder than normal. This is typically because the unit is older, and an older unit simply has to work harder, and this excess in energy means you have to spend more every month.
  • Frequent Repairs: When’s the last time you had to call for repairs on your heater? Was it recent? If so, and you’re experiencing issues again, then your heater is like not worth fixing one last time. It comes to a point where the cost of repairs will eventually equal or exceed the cost of having a new heater installed.
  • Unable to Maintain Heat: If you’re constantly having to fiddle with the temperature settings to try to keep your house at a decently warm temperature, your heater could be the cause. Older heaters can’t typically maintain temperature properly or evenly, so having an experienced technician take a look will allow you to figure out what the problem is.

Hire the Right Professional for the Job!

When you work with true professionals, solving your heating and cooling problems becomes significantly easier. John Henry’s team makes these issues easier and more affordable.

Our team is dedicated to perfecting the customer experience, and the way we conduct business is a testament to that. We’re constantly providing ways to save on our services, and we’re always fast and trying to arrive at your home in as short a time as possible. We’re also capable of working with the top brands in the industry, and we’re a Lennox premier dealer. Plus, we offer FREE ESTIMATES on new HVAC systems!

Our techs do it all! Whether it’s preliminary work before the actual job begins, or providing friendly advice once the job is done. No matter what you need, we’ll provide it to you.

Keep your heater working in top shape for longer with expert heater repair solutions from John Henry’s!

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