Wouldn’t it be nice to live a kinder, gentler, healthier, and happier life in 2019? It’s possible if we consider a snapshot of the past and then apply some of those common-sense concepts to today. Let’s go back for a moment.

In the ‘60s, our country school playground was a great example of common sense. Grades kindergarten through 8th grade shared that playground. During recess, kindergarten through 3rd grade typically played on the merry-go-round, slide, and swings while 4th through 8th grade challenged each other in fun softball games.

Our teacher that had our full respect was inside the schoolhouse during recess, preparing for the next classes since she taught 25 students!

It was up to the older students to make sure things went well on the playground. It was a “badge of honor” to have that responsibility. Common sense ruled when it was time to make decisions. Those decisions were based on what is right, not who is right. Good old common sense!

Our country school kids playing softball had occasional disagreements during games, but those were settled quickly by consensus. There were no fights on the playground. There were no drugs or gangs. There was no cussing. There was respect for all. Our main goal was to get as many softball innings in as possible.

Sounds like Utopia? Imagine if our country was more like that today. Would we be happier if we went back to some of the basics? What if we stopped “progress” for a moment and thought about the important things, then proceeded in that direction? Common sense can take us there.

A great example is politics. Imagine if the news media truly reported just the stories on both sides rather than the hate and discontent that is forced on us now? Today’s biased political news would probably not survive if it was governed by the common sense of an old country school playground. Wouldn’t it be incredible if our country could find consensus in the middle and somehow play fairly together again?

There may be little we can do individually to effect common sense at a national level, however, we can take a better approach to our important personal decisions. For instance, health is on top of my list. Common sense told me a year ago it was time to exercise more for health reasons. I exercised more, ate better, and sat less. Deb and I continue to take 3-mile walks almost every day. The result has been I lost 35 lbs. and have ongoing weight loss goals. I feel so much better!

Common sense told us to avoid drinking water out of plastic bottles for health reasons and we have been using Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water for approximately 5 years. Plastic water bottles pollute our environment and also cause a variety of serious health issues because of their chemical makeup. R.O. water is cheaper, and I do not miss carrying cases of water. Why not make this change in 2019?

Do you protect your skin, which is the largest organ of our body? Deb and I rely on a steam humidifier in our condo that is a necessary accessory to our heating system during cold Nebraska winters. Proper humidity levels promote healthy skin that protects us from bacteria, germs, microbes, sun rays, and the list goes on. Common sense tells us healthy skin is vitally important for absorption, secretion, excretion, regulation, sensation, as well as regulating our body temperature. Do you closely regulate humidity levels?

Common sense also tells us all heating and cooling equipment needs regular maintenance to keep it operating better, longer, and more efficiently as it provides better comfort. Why not get a Service Maintenance Agreement from a heating and cooling contractor who’s primary business is servicing equipment?

It’s also time to get further away from the disruptive advertising SPAM and disruptive telemarketers. For instance, an ongoing goal is to avoid the telemarketers that call me. I just do not answer unknown callers. Then I block them. Shouldn’t they have to pay us for invading our privacy? Hey lawmakers, let’s put that to a vote!

I plan to make 2019 even better by concentrating more on the important things in life. Health and family continue to take precedence. Happiness can be even better by continuing the search for the most important things in life. It’s time to concentrate even more on beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

May your holidays be filled with health, happiness, peace, and joy!

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