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Just like any other appliance in your home, furnaces also need to be maintained and repaired. You don’t want to wait until your house is freezing to start trying to figure out where to turn for furnace repair service. It is advisable to check your furnace before the start of winter season, this will ensure you have steady supply of heat for your home.

At John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning we put over 20 years of experience to work for you. Our furnace repair services are second to none, and can have your home comfortable and warm in no time!

If your furnace repair needs are urgent, look to our experts for reliable 24 hour furnace services in and around the Lincoln area.

How To Tell if You Need Furnace Repair Services

For most homeowners, you’re generally on the lookout for any warning signs that there may be something wrong with your furnace. The earlier you detect an issue, the more easily you can avoid an emergency. Some of the common signs of a furnace in need of repairs include:

  • The system starts producing weird noises: A new furnace also produces some sound, but there is a big difference between “bad sounds” and operating sounds. Differentiating the two sounds can help in detecting whether your furnace requires urgent repair. Whining, scraping, and banging sounds are signs that you need to contact a furnace repair company.
  • The furnace produces insufficient or no heat: when your system was new, the only thing you had to do is turning the dial up and you would instantly feel the heat. Due to tear, wear, and neglect, you now get insufficient heat or even no heat at all. If this is what you are facing this, then it is high time you start looking for furnace contractors.
  • The light of your furnace is not blue: If your furnace flame is bright orange it shows that carbon monoxide has built up in your system. This is very dangerous, as carbon monoxide is harmful for human health. Therefore, you should take urgent steps to repair it.
  • The blower never shuts off: Failure of blower to shut off, doesn’t mean you will not receive enough heat, but you will definitely be paying high electricity bills until you have it repaired. However, constantly operating blower does not necessarily require a repair/replacement; it might just need the switch of the thermostat to be set from “on” or “continuous” to “auto”.

The Importance of Quality Maintenance

Below are list of factors that should be taken into consideration to prevent the furnace system from breaking down.

  • Avoid using your system excessively
  • Pay close attention to how your system functions and keep an eye out for any sounds the unit may produce
  • Have your unit maintenance regularly to tackle issues before they escalate

Furnace maintenance is very important. The quicker you repair your system or damaged part the faster you prevent further damage to your furnace. When it comes to furnace, procrastination is very dangerous. You require, faster responding professionals to come and look into it.

Call us today and we will come to your rescue. We have the very best furnace contractors around and we always put you and your home first. With over 20 years of experience and a dedication to your 100% satisfaction, working with our technicians is always a breeze.

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