Teachers are very special people. They typically choose their careers because they care and want to make a difference. They bring out the best in us. They educate and train us to become responsible adults. Many feel our pains and successes along the way.

Teachers sometimes fill in as “secondary parents” because some students are suffering. A friend that is a kindergarten teacher buys supplies like breakfast bars for students that would otherwise go without breakfast. She even buys clothing for some. That’s caring!

There are other types of teachers that help us and care too. They are mentors that can make an incredible difference. They may be our best friends that are easy to talk to and know us well or others to that we are drawn because we respect their reputation.

Another group that many do not think of as teachers are the experts in their fields that share their knowledge. Their expertise is valuable. A good example is skilled plumbing techs that guide us through difficult plumbing problems. Do we fully understand and appreciate their important roles as teachers?

Plumbing techs are important teachers because their decisions can affect our health, lifestyle, and wallet. The wrong plumbing decisions can be costly and have repercussions such as the SARS virus that killed 773 people in 2003. Trained plumbing techs will be knowledgeable about many risks that we typically do not consider.

How do you improve the odds of finding a trained plumbing tech? Some just go to the yellow pages or google plumbers in Lincoln. That’s kind of like being blindfolded and quickly picking a car out of a car lot. There is so much more to consider. It starts with finding a quality plumbing company with a good reputation.

A quality plumbing company concentrates on hiring techs with good attitudes. They stand out from the rest because they are well dressed and arrive on time. They wear shoe covers and respect your home. Of course, any company can look at the part and tell a great story. Truth is a patient hunter.
The important difference is in their ability to troubleshoot properly and share their knowledge so you can make the proper decisions. This is a major differentiation between a quality plumbing company and lessor companies.

After troubleshooting plumbing problems, a quality Tech will explain there are good, better, and best solutions. For instance, if a natural gas water heater with minor issues is five years old or less, the good solution is typically to repair it, flush it out, and clean the burner. If it’s ten years old, the better solution is to replace it; especially if the average tank has a six-year warranty!

The Best solution to limit future failures is to replace the water heater, install a water softener that improves the life of water heaters, and start a Preventative Maintenance Agreement. This ensures the water heater will be drained once a year as per manufacturer recommendations or twice a year if the water quality is poor. This keeps the warranty in effect that covers the cost of the part and labor to install it. A quality Tech will give their opinion and then ask which solution best fits your needs.

John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical may be the only plumbing and HVAC company in our area that has the good, better, and best state-of-the-art software that provides solutions for various plumbing decisions readily available on their Tech’s notebook computers. This helps consumers make the right decisions by seeing various options. The Techs become the teachers and share that knowledge.

Another example of good, better, and best options is when struggling with plugged sewers. A good solution is to cable it. A Better Solution is to cable it and use a sewer camera to verify the quality.

The Best solution is to provide a high-pressure water Jetter cleansing of the sewer that is considerably better than cabling because it removes all buildup on the inside walls of the pipe. The Best solution includes using a sewer camera to verify the condition of the sewer and replacing defective piping or starting a Service Maintenance Agreement to annually check sewers that are close to failing or have above-a risks of blockage.

Now you know the difference between a plumbing tech that is also an important teacher and those that are not. Please choose wisely!

We’ve all been blessed with many quality teachers, mentors, and others that have made a difference. Thanks for caring. You are appreciated!

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