May 16

Feeling Appreciated?

The reality is most people do not feel completely appreciated. It’s too easy to get busy and forget to tell those around us they are… View Article Read More

What Does the Best Place to Work Award Mean to Our Community?
April 16

What Does the Best Place to Work Award Mean to Our Community?

Last Saturday Deb and I watched one of our granddaughters take her first holy communion. Our granddaughter wore a beautiful white lace dress and her… View Article Read More

The How to Do It Article for “Hiring Good Help”!
April 5

The How to Do It Article for “Hiring Good Help”!

The last place most people would expect to get “how to do it” suggestions on successful hiring practices would be from a plumbing and HVAC… View Article Read More

March 16

Allergies Will Be Worse Again This Year!

Mornings are a great time of day to sit and watch the sun come up while drinking a cup of great-tasting coffee. The birds are… View Article Read More

February 14

Avoiding Skin Like Leather in Nebraska!

Nebraskans tend to be tougher than most because we have excessive extremes in temperature and relative humidity that few experience. We are used to the… View Article Read More

January 14

Will Attention to Details Save Your Life?

Why do accidents happen? Why do cars crash into each other? Why do people fall? Why do birds fly into windows? Why do we drop… View Article Read More

Bring on 2018!
December 17

Bring on 2018!

Grandpa Zohner never really retired completely. His “retirement” included maintaining a huge garden, working part-time preparing homes for auctions, tinkering, and inventing things. When he… View Article Read More

December 16

A Good Ending to a Made in America Story!

There has been a lot said in the news lately about President-elect Donald Trump saving 1100 or so jobs because the Carrier plant is staying… View Article Read More

November 13

Can You Describe the “Perfect” Heating and Cooling System?

That’s a tough question. It would be easier for most to describe the “perfect” car to drive. Some feel the “perfect” car is the one… View Article Read More

September 14

Air and Water… Friend or Foe?

It seems like only yesterday, but over 50 years have passed since I was feeding June bugs to frogs on our farm. Frogs and June… View Article Read More