September 13

Is the BBB Integrity Award Just Another Trophy?

We seldom talk about what the Better Business Bureau Integrity Awards mean in today’s world. As the world seems to crumble around us, those awards… View Article Read More

February 15

A Time That Was More Than Fishing!

Grandma Zohner’s sister drowned when she was 16. Losing someone that close was tough on Grandma. I paid the price when we went fishing at… View Article Read More

January 18

Are You Hearing More Sneezing and Coughing Today?

Yes, we are hearing more coughing and sneezing than ever before because the quality of our air is quickly declining. More people than ever are… View Article Read More

Twenty Years Old and Growing Stronger!
August 16

Twenty Years Old and Growing Stronger!

I never will forget the looks on our daughter’s faces at the dinner table the night I announced we were starting a plumbing, heating, and… View Article Read More

May 18

Remodels Make More Sense Than Ever!

Do you watch the HGTV remodeling shows? After their remodels are completed, the before and after pictures are amazing. The remodeling shows tend to open… View Article Read More

December 17

Achieving a “Balanced” Life!

A very moving TV show that can tug at our hearts is This Is Us. It’s about the life of a couple that had triplets… View Article Read More

December 14

Are You Ready for Changes in Heating and Air Conditioning in 2015!

Some of my grandparent’s legacy was who they became by experiencing the incredible challenges they faced as our country evolved. They seemed wise beyond their… View Article Read More