Do you watch the HGTV remodeling shows? After their remodels are completed, the before and after pictures are amazing. The remodeling shows tend to open up our minds by letting us see what is possible. That extra vision can make a difference.

A good example is a recent improvement at Mom’s condo. The newer carpet and paint made an incredible difference, but Mom needed more kitchen storage. I suggested removing the dishwasher and installing a cabinet. Mom was hesitant, but also watches the remodeling shows so that’s what she did. It turned out awesome.

This simple change made sense because Mom needed the extra storage in her kitchen more than an unused dishwasher. She had only used automatic dishwashers a handful of times in 35 years. Dishwashers are typically within the best working area of the kitchen, so why not utilize that handy space?

Some naysayers may say removing the dishwasher takes away from the value of a property. The reality is who cares unless you plan to sell soon? Mom loves the extra space, and her happiness is all that matters.

Those planning to move soon may be concerned about payback for remodels. Even then, it’s a great time to remodel or update a property if the investment money is spent wisely. A good example is replacing damaged doors, painting, and general clean-up to improve the curb appeal. Odds are there will be full payback plus a profit because there are few properties available to purchase in our community and home values continue to go up substantially.

Kitchens and bathrooms are two popular areas to remodel for those planning to stay in their homes. Remodels in those two areas can be extensive or as simple as changing out faucets and fixtures. It all depends on what works best for you and what stage of life you are at.

For instance, handicap styles of faucets or plumbing fixtures that are easy to use can make a difference for those with health issues. The single lever Moen faucets are a good example of an easy-to-operate faucet.

Another example is the handicapped height toilets, sometimes called right height, which is more comfortable and easier to use. Grab bars for those toilets and walk-in showers can prevent falls. These remodel options allowed dad to finish out his life at the home he loved.

Purchasing decisions for fixtures and faucets should not be driven by low cost because they typically do not last. Professionals can guide you to make wise faucet and fixture purchases.

The Briggs plumbing showroom has professionals to provide good design suggestions and they understand the quality of products. They have an impressive display of quality faucets, fixtures, cabinets, mirrors, and other accessories.

Briggs is a great choice because you can see and touch their products. They work directly with plumbing contractors or builders that can work through warranty and installation issues. That’s typically lost when people chose to purchase products online from others. Why not support locally owned businesses? Briggs is located at 1741 Cushman Drive. You can stop by to browse but it’s best to call (402) 809-1116 to set up an appointment.

A kitchen is typically the heart of a home. That’s the main reason for the John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical’s diner. The John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical’s team gets together there regularly for company lunches. It’s also a popular spot for quick meetings for our “JH family” daily. Families like to meet in the kitchens.

A remodeled kitchen can be exciting. Some even have called them sexy. I will stay with calling kitchens the heart of a home. There are so many choices in countertop materials, cupboards, faucets, and fixtures. If you watch the remodeling shows, there is little more needed to be said about what is possible with kitchens!

There are so many improvements that can be gained with a remodel. Simple things like a laundry sink and countertop to fold clothes can greatly improve the laundry process. Another improvement is adding a Laundry Pro unit that eliminates the need for laundry soaps and fabric softeners, which is better for the environment. Avoiding laundry detergent is healthier and the clothes last longer. Towels are fluffier. Call John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical for more details!

Remodels are about making your life better. You deserve it.

On a personal note…. Ruth Thone was an incredible lady that will be missed. She wrote great articles and told her personal stories in a heartwarming manner. Thanks, Ruth!

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to Mom, my amazing wife and daughters, and all the other great mothers. You are special!

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