Summer is a wonderful time of year filled with special events with friends and family. The long, warm days are often filled with lots of outdoor time including barbecues, pool parties, and evenings in the garden.

However, amidst the many great things that come with summer days is a significant number of debris that affects your home’s air quality.

As a result, for many, fall is a time to clean up and rid your home and yard of extra summer debris. With that in mind, today we’ll share some tips to help you get a clean home and clean air this fall.

Have You Replaced Your Air Filters?

When it comes to clean air, air filters are always one of the first things that come to mind. And rightly so. Air filters play an important role in your home’s air quality as they keep allergens, pollutants, and particles from circulating throughout your home.

However, if your filters are dirty or worn, they won’t work properly. Changing them regularly ensures that your home has clean air and that your HVAC system is not unnecessarily strained.

Plus, summer puts an additional strain on your air filters. With the grill running, lots of guests in and out of your home increased pollen, and a little extra dirt in the house, your filters can get worn down very quickly. As a result, it’s a good habit to always check and replace your air filters at the end of the summer season.

Are You Using Non-Toxic Cleaners?

To help rid their home of summer debris, many homeowners do a deep clean during the fall. Unfortunately, while this is intended to help improve indoor air quality, it can have the opposite effect if the right cleaning products aren’t used.

Many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can negatively impact your home’s air quality. Avoid the risks and dangers associated with these by using non-toxic cleaners whenever possible.

You can even make your cleaning products using vinegar and water, tea tree oils, or baking soda. Being aware of the products that you use to clean can have a big impact on the safety of your home and can help to ensure that you have clean air.

When Did You Last Check for Gas Leaks?

While you’re focused on cleaning your home and improving your home’s air quality, it’s a good idea to check for gas leaks. Gas leaks can present very serious safety and health hazards, making it important that you locate and address any leaks as soon as possible.

A simple inspection of your gas lines can help to locate any concerning areas or potential leaks. This is one easy way to ensure your home is safe and that the air your family is breathing is clean.

Good luck as you work to clean away summer debris this fall. If you have any questions or concerns about your home’s air quality, call John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical at (402) 809-1116.

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