Did you have that “tough” teacher in school that you didn’t appreciate at the time? That’s the teacher that expected a lot out of you and held you accountable? Mine was Mrs. L. and she made an impression. Most students feared her.

Mrs. L. taught our entire country school from kindergarten through 8th grade. She was my fifth-grade teacher, which was an ideal age to have an extra disciplinarian or so.

Country schoolteachers occasionally taught the entire school in one setting. An example is Mrs. L. would require all 25 of us to place our hands flat on our desktops so she could inspect our fingernails. We were relieved when she passed us by.

If our fingernails were not clean, Mrs. L. would clean them for us in her special way. It was a painful experience and I learned immediately Mrs. L. was not a preferred choice to clean my fingernails. Mrs. L. helped teach me accountability.

Accountability does not have to be learned as a bloody or painful experience. There are few surprises in life if we make good decisions. Responsible accountability prepares us for most challenges; however, some risks are unforeseen and then life can become the “tough” teacher. That’s kind of the way it is for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

The main reason cooling units and heat pumps fail are because of overheating. Airflow to HVAC equipment is necessary for long life and efficiency. HVAC equipment life can easily be cut in half. Utility bills can double or even triple if maintenance is ignored.

Another leading cause of failures is improper refrigerant pressures. That’s another reason why well-trained Techs with refrigerant gauges are necessary to provide proper maintenance of HVAC equipment.

HVAC equipment needs a thorough cleaning and scheduled adjustments, or it will fail prematurely. Sadly, these hidden lessons are far too common and hard on the checkbook.

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Times have changed and Mrs. L. would not be allowed to clean our fingernails today as she did back then. Hopefully, there are less painful ways of teaching future generations accountability.

This article is dedicated to those teachers we thought were a little too “tough”, but shaped us into responsible adults. Your efforts are appreciated.

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