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    Frozen Pipe Prevention

    A frozen or burst pipe is not anyone’s idea of fun but can almost always be avoided if simple steps are taken:
    • Keep your garage door closed–especially if there are water lines located there
    • Open cabinet doors below sinks to allow for warm air to circulate
    • Allow faucets to drip–even a small trickle of water can help keep pipes from freezing
    • Don’t lower the temperature below 55 degrees
    • Check for air leaks BEFORE freezing temperatures hit–even the smallest amount of freezing air can have an impact on pipes

    If you still end up with a frozen pipe, shut the water main off and give John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical a call. There is a chance that we can thaw the pipe without it bursting. If the pipe has already burst, we will be on hand to repair it as quickly as possible.

    Signs of a Sewer Line Problems

    When a sewer line begins to develop a clog or blockage, the signs aren’t always completely obvious. Sometimes, the signs are just brushed off as tiny problems without the homeowner realizing the underlying issue.

    If you are noticing these problems, call John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical to resolve the problem before it worsens:
    • Backups in Showers – typically sewage backups will occur in the lowest drains, which often happen to be showers. It is quite common that this happens when a toilet is flushed
    • Sewage Odor – you shouldn’t ever be able to smell sewage. This smell indicates a crack or a leak
    • Mold – certain types of molds only need a humidity of 55%. If there is a crack in your sewer line behind a wall, you might not see it immediately. However, mold will begin to form, indicating a problem
    • Green Grass – if your lawn suddenly develops overly green, lush grass, there is a chance it’s being fertilized by your sewage
    • Rodent or Pest Problems – these guys don’t need a large opening to crawl in. Experiencing pest or insect problems that can’t be solved by exterminators is likely a sign of sewage problems

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