Routine drain cleaning is one of many responsibilities that come with owning a home. Drains and pipes are crucial parts of your plumbing system and should be cared for by a professional regularly to keep the system flowing. Without routine care, you may find yourself in a mess. Read on as we discuss the benefits of drain cleaning and the risks of skipping out on professional help.

The Process of Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning clears your pipes of foreign substances and toxins. Your plumber uses specialized tools and equipment alongside skilled techniques to clean your plumbing system. Your plumber may use a camera scope to look inside the pipes for blockages and buildup. Drain snakes and augers are tools used to break apart stubborn masses. High-pressure water is blasted through the drains to dislodge and move anything inside the pipes, flushing it out into the sewer system. Our dedicated plumbers encourage you to schedule professional drain cleaning annually.

Why You Need a Professional to Clean Your Drains

Drain cleaning should always be left to the experts to avoid damaging your pipes. If you have a clog, you may try to move it with a plunger, which is perfectly safe. However, if a plunger doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to call a plumber. Never stick an object down the drain to dislodge or remove a clog. You could wind up poking a hole in the pipe or weakening the inside, causing a leak in the future. Chemical drain cleaners are often too harsh for your pipes and can cause chemical stains in your sink. Skip the DIY cleaning and call a professional for routine and emergency drain cleaning.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Regular drain cleaning has many benefits and decreases your risk of plumbing disasters. Some plumbing problems are discrete and may go unnoticed until you have a catastrophic leak or flood. Read on to learn all about the benefits of routine cleaning and the risks you’ll avoid by calling a professional.

Prevent Clogs and Blockages

Drains are prone to clogs due to all the food, gunk, and hair that slips down them. Although there are ways to minimize the amount of waste that goes down the drain, it isn’t always completely avoidable. With routine drain cleaning, your plumber will move all the waste out of your pipes, giving you a clear pathway for the waste to drain. This clear passage helps prevent buildup that creates clogs.

Reduce the Formation of Toxins

Dark, moist areas are prone to mold and mildew growth. Pipes are a breeding ground for mold and mildew when buildup occurs. In addition, bacteria can form when food and other substances sit inside the drain for a prolonged period. These toxic microorganisms lead to unhealthy plumbing and can cause health concerns if left to grow. The high-pressure water used during professional drain cleaning clears these toxins by blasting away anything inside the pipes and cleaning the pipe walls.

Promotes Faster Draining

As foreign material begins to gather and build up inside your pipes, the passageway for water and waste narrows. Cleaning the drains pushes all this material out of the pipes and away to the sewer, opening up the passageway. Narrowing of pipes is often a gradual process, so you may not even realize your drains are emptying slowly until after you’ve had professional cleaning performed.

Eliminate Odors

When you flush away debris and toxins in the drains, you’ll rid the plumbing system of foul odors. Mold and mildew often emit a musty smell. Food and other substances may create a rotten, nasty odor. If you’re smelling something funky in your drains, schedule a professional drain cleaning service soon to move the substances out of the pipes.

Prevent Flooding

If the water and waste can’t travel through the pipe to the sewer due to a clog, it has nowhere to go. This waste stays in the pipes and fixtures and can lead to floods and overflows. Overflows may cause devastation to your flooring, ceilings, walls, or belongings. You may also have flooding from a burst pipe due to too much pressure at the site of a clog. When a pipe bursts, you may not notice right away due to the hidden location of most of your home’s pipes. The longer the leak goes on, the more damage you’ll have to repair.

Increase the Life of Your Pipes

Drainage pipes hold up well to near-constant water flow and moist conditions. Without the formation of buildup, clean pipes can last decades with water passing through them. However, when a clog occurs, the pipes can become weakened from pressure and may eventually leak or burst. Keeping the pipes clean and clear is the best way to promote longevity and avoid replacing pipes.

Lower the Risk of Emergency Repairs

Emergency plumbing repairs can be quite costly. A plumber may have to remove a section of pipe, replace entire pipes, or repair damage caused by a faulty drain pipe. Since routine drain cleaning lowers the risk of leaks and increases the lifespan of pipes, it decreases your chance of needing emergency plumbing repairs.

Stop Noisy Pipes

You may hear odd noises as water and waste travel through drain pipes when the passageway is obstructed or narrowed. The passageway inside pipes narrows when foreign substances build up inside of them. This narrow path may cause cracking, squeaking, or gurgling noises as water flushes down the drain. A clear drain with no obstructions and an open path should make no noise when water goes down other than the slight sound of water moving.

Save Your Hard-Earned Money

There are many ways that professional drain cleaning can save you money when scheduled regularly. If a clog causes a pipe to burst, you may face more than just plumbing repairs. Burst pipes can lead to damaged walls, floors, and ceilings. They may also cause a drastic jump in your water bill if they leak for an extended time before being caught. Floods and overflows create the same messy challenges. Even if you notice a clog before disaster strikes other parts of the plumbing system, you may spend more on emergency clog removal depending on the severity of the blockage and how urgently you need help.

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