Many of us laugh inside when we are told: “nobody reads the newspaper anymore”. There is something special about reading a newspaper cover to cover. It’s like a friend that shares valuable information.

My parents are a shining example of people that have enjoyed newspapers their entire lives. I have fond memories of them sitting at the kitchen table with their newspapers spread out. They were avid readers of the David City Banner-Press, The Columbus Daily Telegram, The Omaha World-Herald, and of course the Lincoln Journal Star.

It was interesting to hear my parents exchange their thoughts on the articles. They fully understood the world around them. They have never stopped learning.

The newspaper can also provide us with plumbing, heating, and air conditioning stories that can help protect our lives, improve our health, reduce energy consumption, provide cost-saving ideas and improve our comfort, keep us informed of improvements, and the list goes on.

The newspaper has helped me share articles since 2001, which is part of my oath as a member of trade organizations. Here are some examples of why reading newspapers can make a difference.

Protect Our Lives:
Natural gas heating equipment can be dangerous. Carbon monoxide has over 50 ways it can damage our health or kill us. Newspaper articles remind us when others have paid the ultimate price.

HVAC equipment can be very dangerous if not properly maintained because it can cause fires. In April a newspaper article informed us a home in Lincoln had over $100K in fire damages from a bathroom exhaust fan. Any electrical motor or electrical component can cause a fire if it is not properly maintained. Regular maintenance is a necessity!

Improve Our Health:
Our lungs are a great air filter, but our lungs collect impurities that can damage our health or can kill us. It’s important to have the right air filter so the lungs can breathe clean air to promote better health.

This picture of the three air filters is a great example of basic air filters. Left is a standard 1” pleated air filter that doubles in length when it is stretched out. The efficiency rating is approximately 70%. Centered is a fiberglass filter that removes approximately 40% of impurities. On the right is the best of the three filters. It is a Honeywell extended 4” pleated air filter that removes approximately 90% or more of impurities and also provides better air flows with that added capacity.

Lennox and Trane also have air filter systems that remove over 95% of impurities!

Reduce Energy Consumption:
My vote for the most abused appliance in homes goes to natural gas water heaters. It’s probably the least known energy abuser because burners get dirty. Few plumbing or HVAC companies fully understand that, so they fail to maintain them. Hopefully, this article increases their awareness.

Natural gas water heater burners need to be cleaned, then checked. Carbon monoxide levels need to be checked inside the flue pipe for efficiency as well as outside of the flue pipe for spillover.

High-efficiency energy-saving HVAC equipment can pay for itself. It’s not a “badge of honor” to have old equipment that has run forever. That’s a dangerous practice that can also cost more in energy, while it pollutes our environment and reduces comfort levels.

Provide Cost-Saving Ideas and Improve Our Comfort:
The L.E.S. Sustainable Energy Program can reduce HVAC equipment costs. There is $2,167,078 still available!

L.E.S savings with HVAC equipment rebates cuts the overall investment dramatically. The Trane summer rebate allows up to $1500. A qualifying Lennox Home Comfort System can provide up to $1,700 in Rebates OR No Interest and No Payment Until 2017 OR Low Payment Options with 7.99% APR.

Maintaining equipment can cut energy costs and pay for itself in energy savings and comfort. It’s especially important to get the cottonwood tree seed removed this year because the rainy weather has increased seed quantities. HVAC equipment that is well maintained provides better comfort.

Technology Improvements:
The world changes quickly around us. For instance, there are heat pump water heaters that are highly efficient. You heard about it in the newspaper!

Hopefully, you enjoy the newspaper as much as I do. Those that probably need to read it the most may not get it. They often rely only on social media, which can be a dangerous trend. Please help share the important things with them like what you just read in this article!

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