Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and it’s a great time to show special appreciation. We are alive today because of our mothers. That’s a humbling thought.

During our youth, our mothers protected us from ourselves when we headed towards danger. They comforted us after adversity, then set us free with hopes they made a difference.

Through their “motherhood apprenticeship” mothers somehow became the “Jack of all trades.” My mom had to become a chef, housekeeper, seamstress, nurse, coach, mentor, teacher, psychologist, preacher, motivator, and the list goes on.

As a progressive motivator, mom seemed to know all the good quotes like, “a clean home is a happy home.” When I asked for too much, mom reminded me “money does not grow on trees.”

Mom also asked thought-provoking questions like “were you born in a barn” when I left the outside door open. Of course, there were other reminders like, “don’t slam the screen door.”

When it was time for a stern tune-up mom would say, “you are a Zohner and Zohners don’t do those things.” It’s important to never disgrace the family. Mom was full of compliments too that balanced out her training.

Mom has always been a great “chef” with new recipes and of course, I like to eat! Meals like the free-range chicken were tasty, but I appreciated those Kolaches, cookies, pies, and other delicious baked goods.

Since this is a “plumbing article” we need to ask what does all this have to do with plumbing? Our mothers taught us many valuable life skills that carry us through challenging times. An example is when failed plumbing deals us with a horrific hand.

Our mother’s lessons will always be at the back of our minds as we react to seeing things like our basement full of water or sewage and photo albums floating. We became prepared for difficult times although we may not have realized it during all of our mother’s lessons in life. In many ways, our mothers taught us the following “plumbing” tips:

  1. Humor to laugh at hopeless situations while keeping things in perspective.
  2. Faith and a positive mental attitude to carry us through the repair process.
  3. Common sense and listening skills to understand what needs to be done.
  4. Goal setting and organizational skills to put a repair plan in place.
  5. Caution so we know who to let in our homes to do plumbing repairs.
  6. Patience to understand it will take time to make the repairs.
  7. Compassion to respect the plumbers while they make the repairs.
  8. Trust and confidence so we can leave the plumber alone to make the repairs.
  9. Motivation and enthusiasm to make things better than before the flood.
  10. Honesty and integrity so we pay the poor plumber when the work is all done.

These are basic hidden “plumbing” skills our mothers taught us. Their lessons can of course be used in all situations.

The real message in this article is not so much about plumbing as it is about the special role our mothers played in our lives. This article is a reminder to remember our mothers tomorrow and always.

If you need to purchase a gift for your mother, how about a beautiful new single-handled Moen faucet that is easy to operate and functional, or maybe a new showerhead. How about purchasing a service maintenance agreement for her heating and cooling system? Although these are great ideas, odds are your mother also wants to be remembered by you.

Hopefully, your mother is still alive and well. If not, it’s comforting to believe she will always be watching closely over you and by your side.

I was blessed to be raised by a mother and father that taught me solid basics. As the world tends to crumble around us with violence and protests, the value parents play is more evident every day. Ironically their lessons make it harder to comprehend why riots are taking place or how wars result over a difference in religious beliefs. The need to lead others during these more difficult times is one more way we can pay back our parents as we make the world a better place.

My parents were there to support me every step of the way. The values they instilled give me strength today. I am grateful to them both although this article happens to be dedicated more to my mother. Thanks, mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

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