Deb and I were fortunate to watch a random act of kindness take place recently after we had just boarded a plane for a quick vacation. As we sat there, “Rosa”, an elderly Jamaican woman, arrived at the front of the plane in a wheelchair.

The wheelchair would not fit through the aisles, so “Rosa” was asked to up for a few moments as a stewardess looked at her ticket to find her seat location. The other stewardess lovingly clutched both of “Rosa’s” hands to keep her from falling. When “Rosa” found out her seat was 22 rows back she told the stewardess, “Honey there ain’t no way I can walk that far”.

A young couple sitting in the front row observed the situation and quickly told the stewardess they would pay the difference in the cost of “Rosa’s” ticket to first class, this meant “Rosa” could sit downright next to where she was standing. That random act of kindness was heartwarming, but so is the rest of the story.

The stewardess smiled broadly as she helped “Rosa” shuffle slowly around to get in position to sit down. They stood closely together as they pivoted. It reminded me of a loving granddaughter dancing with her favorite grandmother. That stewardess was doing her job from a point deep within her heart.

It was obvious life was catching up to “Rosa” and there was some pain as she moved, but “Rosa’s” smile never dimmed. Her smile indicated a deep inner glow that made her more beautiful than most contestants in a beauty pageant. That smile was contagious, and it was constantly warming the hearts around her. Everyone was smiling.

“Rosa” explained to those nearby that she had just returned from visiting her sister. Because of her health, it very well could have been the last time “Rosa” would be able to travel, but that never ending smile made it evident that trip would be a special memory.

When it was time for coffee and lunch, “Rosa’s” bent fingers struggled opening a packet of sugar for her coffee, but there were helping hands all around her. Hands reached across the aisle and all around to help “Rosa” with her meal too. “Rosa” ate everything and even had an extra cookie.

“Rosa” could have been the first one off the plane, but said, “I have no place special to get to” and chose to stay seated until everyone was gone. Everyone around “Rosa” told her goodbye as we left the plane feeling blessed for one of those special memory’s life can provide.

We will never know “Rosa’s” life history, but odds are she was a difference maker in helping others before the years caught up to her. It’s now time for others to be the difference makers for “Rosa”.

There is many “Rosas” around us that need a little help during their times of need. Most won’t ask for help because of pride, but they are out there quietly living their lives. You may know them well. If so, please join in and let’s do a random act of kindness together. We need your help to find out who they are!

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The “Rosa” that you know may have for whatever reason failed to have their heating equipment checked for a lot of years. It could be because of cost, or they are not capable of making sound decisions. Maybe they do not understand maintenance is required. It could also be they do not care and feel no one else cares either. That’s not the case!

The nomination form below will help us identify those in our community that could use a free furnace check. My promise to you is we will not use this contact information for marketing purposes to bother anyone. We are providing this free service solely to help others and increase community awareness of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s our random act of kindness we can do together,

Community involvement and awareness will continue to keep us safer from the 50 signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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