Every homeowner faces drain problems at some point. Since you depend on your home’s plumbing fixtures daily, your life can become a big hassle when drainage problems prevent you from using your toilet or shower. Common causes of clogged drains include tree roots, paper towels, hair, toilet paper, food waste, and mineral buildup. Minor clogs usually drain slowly, but big ones can be a nightmare.

Drain blockages can cause severe damage to your residential property and plumbing system. In some cases, plunging the affected drains or applying drain cleaners can help solve the problem. Nevertheless, if the clog fails to clear, it indicates that the problem is deeper in the pipes. Below are tell-tale signs you need professional drain cleaning services.

1. Slow Drains

A slow-moving drain is one of the earliest signs of drainage problems. If a drain takes a long time to flush, it’s a warning sign that your home needs drain cleaning. A slow drain indicates a clog in your drain pipes. Flushable items and non-flushable things, such as paper towels, might cause these clogs.

If you notice several drains in your house are draining slower than usual, contact a plumber immediately. These experts have the right equipment, tools, and experience to clear the clogs easily and fast without damaging your home’s plumbing. If not addressed in time, the clogs will only worsen, leading to a full drainage system blockage.

2. Strange Sounds

You need drain cleaning services if you notice squeaking, cracking, and bubbling noises from your drains. Strange noises often result from clogs in the drains pathway. The blockages can force wastewater through small spaces and in various directions resulting in leaks and unusual sounds. Contact a plumber immediately if you hear unusual sounds from your home’s drains to prevent property damage.

3. Overflowing Toilets

If one of your toilets or all of them overflows for no clear reason, you might be dealing with a drain or sewer line problem. In many cases, your toilets can overflow due to toilet paper and waste clogging up your sewer drains. Frequent overflow indicates that there’s a blockage that’s preventing your toilets from emptying properly.

Backed-up toilets can cause serious damage to the subfloor and flooring. However, you can avoid this problem if the root cause is identified early. Contact a drain cleaning expert immediately to identify the clogs’ location and clear them so your toilets can flush freely and easily again.

4. Foul Odors

If your drainage system is not working properly, wastewater and sewage can accumulate in the pipes, especially during the hotter months. The waste can fester within the pipes, sending strong odors into the nearby rooms.

Breaks in your home’s sewer system can also cause toxic gas to escape producing foul smells. You need to call an expert to check your drainage system since inhaling sewer gas can harm your health. The professionals will identify any breaks in your drain line and fix them to help you enjoy a comfortable and safe home.

5. Gurgling Toilets

Gurgling sounds and air bubbles rising from your toilets are other signs of drainage problems. Air bubbles from the toilets are a sign of a clogged sewer. Don’t ignore air bubbles or disturbing noise from the toilets because the issue will only worsen. Although the water in the pipes may slowly drain, the wastewater can sometimes leak into the surrounding area. Have a licensed plumber inspect your entire plumbing to identify and fix the problem to protect the structural integrity of your home.

6. Backing up Drains

Residential plumbing systems comprise a complex network of pipes and drains. If one of the drains blocks, it can cause dirty water to move back into other drains. Over time, the clog might force the wastewater out of the drain line due to increased pressure. To solve this problem, have a drain expert inspect and thoroughly clean your drains.

7. Drain and Fruit Flies

Sewage or garbage accumulation in blocked drain pipes can attract fruit flies. Although small fruit flies may not be an issue, if you notice a sudden increase in their number in your home, you have a blocked drain attracting them. Drain flies also indicate clogs in your drain pipes. These flies have hairy bodies and are usually bigger than fruit flies. Drain and fruit flies in your bathroom or near your drain lines mean they’ve laid eggs in the accumulated sludge within the drain pipes.

8. Flooding

When one of your home’s drain lines becomes clogged, it will cause backups in the plumbing system. The pressure accumulated in your piping system can also cause leakages or bursting pipes, leading to flooding. Standing water or little pools of wastewater around your yard or on your floors indicate a deteriorating plumbing issue. Call a professional immediately to identify the root of the problem and restore your drainage system to normalcy. Based on the severity of the drainage problem, the plumber may recommend sewer line repair or drain cleaning.

9. Multiple Clogged Drains and Frequent Clogs

Although experiencing minor clogs in your drains is not unusual, having to plunge the toilet or unclog your shower drain repeatedly indicates a hidden problem. Drainage clogs are normally caused by soap scum, grease buildup, and hair. Over time, the buildup can constrict the drain’s opening, making it difficult for wastewater to flow through. As a result, more severe blockages that are harder and impossible to clear will form.

The other warning sign of a deteriorating plumbing issue is several clogged drains. Multiple clogged drains indicate a serious problem deeper in the pipes. Chances are there’s a problem with your main drainage line, or you are dealing with a clog in the main sewer line. Call a plumber immediately to prevent wastewater from backing up through several drains, which can cause major damage to your home.

10. Standing Water in an Appliance or Fixture

The other obvious sign of a clogged drain is standing water in a sink, shower, washing machine, or dishwasher. Standing water indicates a clog in the downstream pipe. It can be hair, mineral scale, or soap residue. If you notice standing water around any of your appliances, don’t assume the issue lies with the appliance.
A shower or sink with standing water or water around the base of your toilets also indicates a severe clog. Ignoring clogs will lead to more serious problems in the long run. Call a licensed plumber immediately if you notice standing water in your drainage pipes to clear your piping system and get the water flowing again.

Contact the Drain Cleaning Professionals

Working with a drain cleaning expert is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your drainage system sparkling clean and running freely. It’ll also keep your home’s plumbing system running effectively and help you save money on frequent repairs. If you’re experiencing any of the issues above, contact our experienced team of plumbers at John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical. These professionals have the necessary expertise, equipment, and tools to locate and clear drain blockages.

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