June 14

Is Your Garbage Disposer a “Culprit?”

The busiest plumbing day of the year to clean kitchen sink drains is the day after Thanksgiving. The “culprit” is typically the garbage disposer because… View Article Read More

May 18

Where Do Dedicated Technicians Come From?

Before video games, kids learned how to entertain themselves; especially if they lived on a farm. Our entire farm was my entertainment center. Every day… View Article Read More

May 7

How About a Happy Ending to a Sad Story?

Once upon a time, a young couple bought their very first home. They had very little money and we’re on a tight budget but were… View Article Read More

April 18

Should We Eat Those Fish Today?

Grandpa, dad, and I spent many days spearfishing carp in the Platte River. Dad speared through the deeper fishing holes. Grandpa and I walked the… View Article Read More

Living the Oath!
April 16

Living the Oath!

My grandson was less than 24 hours old on Tuesday when he wrapped his little hand around my finger. It seemed to be his way… View Article Read More

Avoiding an Explosive End to Life?
April 16

Avoiding an Explosive End to Life?

When we see flashing red emergency lights or hear about serious accidents the peak of our interest. Did someone die or get seriously hurt? Do… View Article Read More

March 16

Telltale Signs!

The U.S. economy in 1980 was stagnant. There was very limited construction going on in Lincoln and many were getting laid off. Bob Converse, my… View Article Read More

March 16

Will Butter on Your Nose Bring Enough Good Luck?

Grandma Zohner brought me a lot of good luck. Every year Grandma would put butter on my nose for good luck as part of a… View Article Read More

February 15

A Time That Was More Than Fishing!

Grandma Zohner’s sister drowned when she was 16. Losing someone that close was tough on Grandma. I paid the price when we went fishing at… View Article Read More

January 18

Are You Hearing More Sneezing and Coughing Today?

Yes, we are hearing more coughing and sneezing than ever before because the quality of our air is quickly declining. More people than ever are… View Article Read More