November 13

Can You Describe the “Perfect” Heating and Cooling System?

That’s a tough question. It would be easier for most to describe the “perfect” car to drive. Some feel the “perfect” car is the one… View Article Read More

Why Has Our Country Changed?
October 17

Why Has Our Country Changed?

Some wonder why our country is like it is today. It’s obvious to those that have seen the changes. Here’s what I have seen. The… View Article Read More

September 17

More Bright and Beautiful Days?

Today seems a lot like yesterday. It should be busy again. It’s time to accomplish what we can and then get some well-deserved sleep tonight…. View Article Read More

September 14

Air and Water… Friend or Foe?

It seems like only yesterday, but over 50 years have passed since I was feeding June bugs to frogs on our farm. Frogs and June… View Article Read More

September 13

Is the BBB Integrity Award Just Another Trophy?

We seldom talk about what the Better Business Bureau Integrity Awards mean in today’s world. As the world seems to crumble around us, those awards… View Article Read More

August 15

You Can Drive Great Customer Service To Continue On!

Remember the last time you stood in line waiting to order food or pay for something and it seemed to last an eternity. The line… View Article Read More

August 14

Replacing the Good Old Days With Good New Days!

I loved cars as a kid. It started as an addiction at the age of 13. Popular Hot Rodding magazines were 50 cents. I read… View Article Read More

“Things” We Take For Granted!
July 14

“Things” We Take For Granted!

I followed dad around on our farm like a puppy. Dad was always doing interesting things that were new to me and exciting. He was… View Article Read More

June 14

Is Your Garbage Disposer a “Culprit?”

The busiest plumbing day of the year to clean kitchen sink drains is the day after Thanksgiving. The “culprit” is typically the garbage disposer because… View Article Read More

May 18

Where Do Dedicated Technicians Come From?

Before video games, kids learned how to entertain themselves; especially if they lived on a farm. Our entire farm was my entertainment center. Every day… View Article Read More