Optimists tend to have a lot more fun. They see a world full of exciting positive changes. It’s never boring. Very little ruins their days. Even rainy days can be fun because of the fresh smell of the rain as it cleanses their environment. The rain will bring more flowers tomorrow.

Pessimists on the other hand seem to look at their world differently. Rainy days are depressing. If we listen closely, we learn their jobs are miserable and their current boss is a jerk just like the last one. Their health problems will put you to sleep. Many are more than willing to share their misery if you let them.

Something I take pride in admitting is I have listened to well over 3K hours of motivational speakers. Zig Ziglar was my favorite. His common-sense approach opened my eyes and ears. Zig made negativity easier to spot and deal with.

Zig Ziglar said, “we need to be motivated when we are up or down”. He believed we need to be “good finders” as we looked for the good in others. His stopped watch “was right twice a day”. His loaf of bread had two “beginnings”. Zig Ziglar explained, “all things can be done better with a positive attitude”.

An important thing Zig Ziglar shared is we have the incredible opportunity of looking at all things negatively or positively. Knowing the difference allows us to make consistent positive decisions that provide good results.

Heating and air conditioning are a great example of the different approaches we can take in life. Responsible positive decisions start with understanding HVAC technology and its direct relationship to good health. An optimist is more willing to listen and learn. They understand a well-designed HVAC system will protect their health. Optimists understand the cost and effort to get there are not as important as making healthy choices.

The pessimist naturally downplays HVAC technology and makes irresponsible decisions. They may even brag about how their old HVAC equipment just keeps running, as they ignore positive reasons to replace it. At a minimum, cost savings should drive the decision. Their health should be the main priority. The worst excuses I’ve heard so far are, “I have to die from something”.

An optimist is more concerned about protecting their health. They are excited about living longer and are open to believing in things like air quality that is not visible to the naked eye. Of course, air can be scientifically analyzed to show it contains pollens, dust mites, dirt, volatile organic compounds, dust mites, and the list goes on. Our lungs are the best air filters there are because they will collect all these filthy pollutants that damage our health and can kill us.

Optimists are more willing to make changes like installing better air filtration to remove pollutants. They also understand humidity control to reach the optimum range is important to our lungs and overall health.

Optimists tend to have their heating and air conditioning systems maintained regularly. An easy way to do that is with a good service maintenance agreement that truly protects our health.

Let’s take an even broader approach to attitudes towards our health and consider the impact of wind turbines. At first glance, the benefits of wind turbines to our health may not be obvious.

Wind turbines will reduce our carbon footprint as the need for coal burning will be reduced to produce electricity. That’s important since carbon dioxide levels have increased by 60% since 1959, which is killing our environment. Pollen-related allergies have increased dramatically. Optimists will see the revolutions of a wind turbine as a beautiful thing that is improving our health. That’s a positive spin!

The payback is reasonably good for wind turbines. A less obvious benefit is lower future electricity costs that will result in more decisions to purchase heat pumps for heating and cooling. That reduces our carbon footprint even more. Odds are the pessimists will struggle to see the values of wind turbines.

It’s obvious to me our true attitudes on life can be reflected in everything we do. Even theories on wind turbines can indicate a difference in attitudes. Maybe wind turbines and HVAC theories will look different now.

Our HVAC decisions tell more about us than we may ever have realized. If we truly have hope for a better tomorrow, then we naturally will have a positive HVAC approach to improve our health and the health of others around us. I am a believer!

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