June 18

Getting Help to Make the Right Decisions!

When first started as a company we began the learning process of purchasing the right service trucks. Starting a company is costly, so we were… View Article Read More

May 18

Remodels Make More Sense Than Ever!

Do you watch the HGTV remodeling shows? After their remodels are completed, the before and after pictures are amazing. The remodeling shows tend to open… View Article Read More

Thanks Moms for Setting the Tone!
May 14

Thanks Moms for Setting the Tone!

Mother’s Day is tomorrow. I am blessed with a mother that has always been a positive motivator in my life. She set the tone by… View Article Read More

December 17

Achieving a “Balanced” Life!

A very moving TV show that can tug at our hearts is This Is Us. It’s about the life of a couple that had triplets… View Article Read More

Mini-Split in Lincoln, NE
December 15

Wrapping Up 2015 and Moving Forward to Better Things in 2016

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner and 2015 is almost over. 2016 will be here soon. Time marches on so quickly…. View Article Read More

December 14

Are You Ready for Changes in Heating and Air Conditioning in 2015!

Some of my grandparent’s legacy was who they became by experiencing the incredible challenges they faced as our country evolved. They seemed wise beyond their… View Article Read More

We Are the Result of How We Live Our Lives!
November 15

We Are the Result of How We Live Our Lives!

I grew up in an incredible place that almost sounds magical today. It wasn’t a land called Oz, but a farm South of Rising City,… View Article Read More

October 15

Ways to Maintain a Safer Drinking Water Supply!

Our planet is an incredible place with so many cultures at various levels of development. It’s easy to feel that our beliefs should all be… View Article Read More

June 16

I Think I Can… I Knew I Could!

Some experts believe our basic personality traits are “set in stone” by age 15 and there will be few major changes after that. They base… View Article Read More

From Outhouses to New Plumbing Trends!
June 16

From Outhouses to New Plumbing Trends!

My grandparents had outhouses on their farms until the early ‘60s. Their outhouses were frightening places. There were always spider webs, disgusting flies, and snakes… View Article Read More