Changes That Make “Cents” for 2014!
December 13

Changes That Make “Cents” for 2014!

An article in the Lincoln Journal Star on 12/21/2013 explained some “tasteful” recognition from the Grandmothers Apple Pie Brigade to Lincoln Electric System (L.E.S.) for… View Article Read More

October 13

Will You Be Ready for a Colder Than Normal Winter?

Through the years I can count major power outages on my fingers. One major outage was from a snowstorm back in the ‘60s. Our family… View Article Read More

September 17

It Seemed to Make Sense!

History indicates some things seemed like a good idea until they weren’t. For instance, in the 1950s smoking was cool, cheap, fashionable, and socially acceptable…. View Article Read More

September 16

Always Be a Country Boy!

Our community lost a great leader with the recent passing of Duane Acklie. Although Duane is best known as the founder of Crete Carrier Corporation,… View Article Read More

July 18

How to Avoid Plugged Sewers?

We are familiar with things above the ground but not always aware of things that are underground. For instance, there may be 1 million named… View Article Read More

“You Get What You Pay For!”
July 14

“You Get What You Pay For!”

It’s interesting how some of us tried not to listen closely to our parents when we were kids, but their messages sank in anyway. Those… View Article Read More

Getting Another Fresh Start!
June 18

Getting Another Fresh Start!

It’s safe to say most of us have experienced being stuck in a rut. Life just continued to quickly pass by while we expected it… View Article Read More

June 16

Knowing When to Hand Over Our Tool Boxes?

Dad gave me his plumbing toolbox because he no longer needed it. That plumbing toolbox could probably tell many stories if it could talk. In… View Article Read More

September 18

Slowing Down Death?

Bob was my mentor and friend. He used to tell me we are all “penciled in”. Bob was right. He died from lung cancer. The… View Article Read More

September 9

Why Are Your Pollen Allergies Getting Worse?

Did you ever notice how challenges in life tend to sneak up on us? We often end up with surprising results and then again, sometimes… View Article Read More