My parents had chickens on our farm that provided an abundance of eggs, so they taught me how to cook eggs for my breakfast at an early age. Learning cooking skills early gave me basics to build on. Although Deb is a much better cook than I will ever hope to be, I do fairly well.

Even with basic cooking skills under my belt, it would be difficult to bake things like pastries without using a cookbook. There is hidden knowledge found in recipes like the best temperatures for the dough to rise. Without knowing multiple unknown secrets it’s a recipe for disaster.

The same can be said about servicing heating and air conditioning equipment. Serviced properly with the right knowledge the result is very good. Servicing equipment without all the “ingredients” will leave a “bad taste”!

So what is there to know about servicing heating and air conditioning equipment? There are approximately 27 safety and operational items to check for just the winter precision tune-up. How many of those 27 items get completed on your equipment annually?

Let’s start with basics like checking carbon monoxide levels for safety and efficiency. This requires a carbon monoxide meter. What is the carbon monoxide level of your furnace?

Is there enough combustion air or will the lack of combustion air cause a dangerous backdraft of carbon monoxide?

What is the blower motor amperage draw? Is it within manufacturer specifications or does the motor need to be replaced before it fails this winter? It seems like they fail on the coldest days of the heating season.

Are there any natural gas piping leaks? It takes a good natural gas detector to find small leaks. A side note is John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical has found natural gas leaks that have leaked for over 30 years. Imagine how much natural gas was wasted during those years, not to mention the risk of explosion.

Are any electrical connections loose? It’s common for connections to loosen up over time as a result of vibration. A loose electrical connection can cause a fire.

Of course, the “recipe” for good service contains hidden things like checking the micro amp signal on flame-proving devices. Say what?

The list of things to know for a precision winter equipment tune-up has 21 or more things to consider, but let’s stop there and discuss the summer tune-up for cooling equipment. There are only 20 or so items on that list.

Is the capacitor amperage draw within plus or minus 6% of the manufacturer specifications or does it need to be replaced before it fails next summer?

Using refrigerant gauges, what are the refrigerant pressures, and are they within manufacturer specifications? This is important because 90% of systems are inaccurate. Is the TXV bulb secure and working?

We now have a better understanding that working on heating and air conditioning systems without “all the ingredients” is kind of like trying to bake without a cookbook. The result may need to be tossed.

So if a complete “recipe for good service” has approximately 47 “ingredients”, what kind of service is your heating and air conditioning system getting? Do you have a “recipe” for success by having all-inclusive heating and air conditioning service maintenance agreement that does it all?

Some “service maintenance agreements” are nothing more than a blanket insurance policy that includes appliances as well as heating and air conditioning equipment. There is a monthly payment and it’s an easy way out for the moment. The equipment “service” tends to be limited. After equipment fails it may take weeks to do the repairs IF the parts are covered. Old equipment is often repaired rather than replaced. Those consumers tend to get a lesson from the school of hard knocks.

John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical felt you deserved better and our solution has been a combination of nine Silver, Gold, and Platinum service maintenance plans for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. You can get anything from a basic plan for your heating and air conditioning system to combination plans that include plumbing. We included plumbing because service for things like water heaters is often ignored and they can produce high levels of carbon monoxide.

These service maintenance plans would even make a good Christmas present for loved ones!

If your “recipe” for properly serviced heating and air conditioning equipment is missing important ingredients it’s time to call John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical. It’s the “tasteful” thing to do!

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