Few remember when monthly bills were $9 for cable TV, $15 for electricity, $5 for water, gasoline was 37 cents a gallon, and the newspapers were 10 cents. Deb and I remember those days well when we were first married.

Monthly payments for our home and car were a necessity. Our monthly budget left us an extra $100 a month after expenses. We had to make wise decisions and look for bargains. It sounds like we struggled, but as a couple starting, we enjoyed life to the fullest and counted our blessings. We even had two Irish Setters!

I will always have a soft spot and a special understanding of what it means to struggle financially. Some will always need to live on a tight budget and will be looking for ways to reduce costs. They deserve the same benefits of comfort and safety as those that are better off financially.

I was reminded of my past financial struggles last weekend at a garage sale when I met “Dave”, a family man, trying to raise a few extra dollars by having the garage sale. We’ve been there and done that.

“Dave” was friendly, and we shared stories. I eventually pointed out his heat pump coil was filthy in case he didn’t understand that a dirty heat pump wastes energy dollar.

“Dave” explained he occasionally hoses off the coil but did not have the time recently. “Dave” also confessed he did not have refrigerant gauges that are required for accurate maintenance. I explained that 90% of the systems have inaccurate refrigerant pressures and need to be adjusted. He needed a Service Maintenance Agreement and did not realize it.

“Dave” admitted he ignored the heat pump because it needed to be replaced. It was not efficient or provide good comfort to his two-story home. I sympathetically explained keeping that heat pump was probably costing him more money in wasted energy than a new one would cost. It typically makes sense to purchase efficient heating and cooling systems that have a short payback, even if it requires monthly payments.

“Dave” sounded like he had a cold. He said his allergies always flare up during ragweed season. I asked “Dave” what kind of air filters he uses in the heating and cooling system. He used the cheapest, most common low-quality air filters. They remove only about 40% of air contaminants. I explained electronic air filters remove 90% or more of contaminants like ragweed pollen. Some can remove 95% or more. He was encouraged to hear there are solutions to pollen allergies. Why spend extra money on allergy medicines and suffer?

“Dave” had never read one of the articles I’ve been writing since 2001. He had limited knowledge of indoor air quality. He’s at least heard my “sermon”. If “Dave” takes my suggestions seriously and makes simple changes, he can improve his comfort and safety.

Everyone deserves to live safer, healthier, and more comfortable lives. Better equipment maintenance makes a difference, so something new John Henrys now offers is monthly payments for Service Maintenance Agreements.

John Henry’s monthly payment option is what I consider the best and most reasonable Service Maintenance Agreement plans available. There are good, better, and best plan choices that improve energy savings to reduce costs.

Yes, even the basic plan is less expensive than anything comparable offered in this area. John Henrys does not sell natural gas and is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint in our community by making sure you’re heating and cooling equipment is running efficiently. We are on your side.

John Henry’s Service Maintenance Plans are the best because they are performed by highly trained NATE certified technicians that typically provide same-day service to customers that have Service Maintenance Agreements. Does your current plan make you wait two or three-week waiting periods during the hottest and coldest seasons in Nebraska?

John Henry’s technicians will check for gas leaks, and carbon monoxide levels, and do indoor air quality testing. No other plans do that. Skilled technicians will share their knowledge to help provide perfect indoor air comfort that is especially noticeable on sticky hot days or severely cold days during our dry Nebraska winters. Once you’ve experienced near-perfect humidity levels and temperatures, proper heating, and air conditioning maintenance will become an obvious necessity.

All we have to offer is our good name and that includes providing the best customer service we can provide because everyone deserves comfort and safety.

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