A garbage disposal makes it easier to clean up after a meal and lessens the amount of trash you have. It also reduces kitchen odors because disposing of food down the drain eliminates it from the room, rather than putting it in a garbage can where it will decay. Eliminating food waste from trash bags will also help keep pests away from trash storage areas. Installing a garbage disposal may improve a home’s convenience, value, and desirability, but it requires professional help. If you have plumbing and electrical experience, you may believe you can handle the work, but the risks are not worth the effort. Issues caused by a failed DIY attempt may leave you with unexpected repair bills.

Ensure You Have the Correct Equipment

You may not notice before you begin a project that the disposal you purchased will not fit properly. Not all drains, sinks, or even cupboards can accommodate all disposals. Investing in a garbage disposal unit only to discover you need to replace the drain will unexpectedly increase the project budget. Replacing the drain could also mean replacing other plumbing parts, particularly in older homes. These changes can drastically affect the time and money you need to complete the work. It could also delay the project, leaving you with an unusable kitchen sink for days or longer.

Deep sinks may not leave enough room for the disposal to sit beneath the drain as needed. Installing a disposal higher than the drainpipe can cause the water to back up. It could even prevent the disposal from working at all. Older homes and compact kitchens may have limited open space beneath a cupboard. There may not be room for the disposal in an already cramped space. Each of these issues can become a problem that an experienced professional will need to review and consider before they begin a project.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Anyone can make a mistake, but it is more common for this to happen when repairing or replacing equipment for the first time. Plumbing professionals offer warranties to protect the homeowner from any errors they may make, but if you try to do the job yourself, you will have to cover the cost of your mistakes. Product warranties do not apply to equipment damaged during installation.

Repairs can also cost more than necessary if you are unfamiliar with the system. A malfunctioning garbage disposal may have a problem that requires replacing a small part. You could misdiagnose the issue and spend money and time replacing working parts before you discover your error.

Garbage disposals typically last 10 to 12 years. Repairing a unit that has already outlived its anticipated lifespan may mean spending money on something that will continue to break down and need additional repairs. You may not realize how long the equipment has been in use and believe it is more affordable to keep adding parts. A professional can identify an outdated system or one with too many problems to continue to repair. A project quote lets you know all the options available and the risk and cost of each option, so you can make an informed decision.

Avoid Future Expenses

Disposals that do not work correctly may not grind the food as thoroughly as needed. Plumbing pipes can become clogged if large food particles pass through the disposal. Plumbing clogs can cause water damage if a leak or backup occurs.

Homeowners with septic systems may also develop problems with their septic tank if the system cannot chop the food as expected. Larger debris takes longer to decay and can fill the tank much sooner than it otherwise would. If this happens, the homeowner may need to pay for pumping services more often than expected or experience a sewage backup.

Prevent Wasted Time

Hiring a reliable professional for garbage disposal repairs or replacements is simple. At John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical, we offer services to homes in the Lincoln and Omaha areas of Nebraska. You can schedule an appointment with us online or on the phone in less than five minutes.

Repairing or replacing a disposal can take hours and sometimes longer. You must diagnose the issue, find the correct parts or equipment, locate the tools needed, and research how to perform the task. After all that effort, you must still get everything together, take the sink and disposal apart, perform the work, and clean up afterward. Any mistakes could require you to repeat each step.

If you have a busy schedule, finding the extra time to do the work could be virtually impossible. You’d encounter an additional frustration if no local shops stocked the parts you needed. The need to order online or from a store can force you to wait days or weeks for what you need to arrive. The wait can mean reassembling everything you took apart to repair and taking it apart again once you have what you need.

Stop Unnecessary Dangers

Garbage disposals are heavier than many people think. The units can weigh 10 to 20 pounds. The strain of getting them in place can become a hazard, as can dropping one while lying underneath the cabinet. Most cabinets are not roomy enough for two people, so one person must keep the unit balanced while the other one makes the installation.

Completing the wiring for the unit is another concern. The outlet and the switch must be near the disposal, usually in the cabinet underneath the sink. Any electrical work performed so close to running water increases the risks. There are many safety concerns involved with electrical work. That is why licensed electricians spend years to learn to do it safely.

Keep Your Household Safe

Additional risks can occur when the garbage disposal is back in use. Incorrectly installed systems may not operate as expected. A system that becomes clogged repeatedly or does not turn on or shut off as expected can lead to accidents. You or someone you live with may put hands or tools into the drain, assuming the system is off, only to have it turn on suddenly as a blockage moves.

Improper wiring may not become noticeable until the system is in use. Incorrectly run wiring increases electrocution risks for anyone using the disposal or touching the sink. Bad wiring also increases the potential for a house fire.

Get Professional Help

At John Henry's Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical, our team includes licensed plumbers and electricians. We have the the professionals you need for repairing or installing any garbage disposal. Our free quotes make it easy for you to feel confident you can stay on budget. We provide a variety of heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services. Our broad services enable our customers to save time and money by having multiple projects completed together. We also offer memberships and maintenance plans to save you money and keep your home protected.

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