Hydro jetting is a relatively new type of service that is extremely effective at clearing clogs and preventing most sewer issues. Snaking your pipes can also be effective in some situations. Still, there is no doubt that hydro jetting is the superior option for reasons that you will soon see.

Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking

In the not-so-distant past, snaking was really the only effective option for clearing clogs out of a sewer line. If you have a clogged pipe inside your home, snaking is still the best option for clearing the pipe. Drain cleaners can be effective at clearing clogs, but the chemicals they contain are extremely harsh and can severely weaken pipes and cause them to leak. Some drain cleaners also work by producing a chemical reaction that gives off an extreme amount of heat, which can cause PVC pipes to warp and experience lots of damage.

A plumber’s snake is essentially an auger that is attached to a long cable. As the plumber extends the snake through the pipe, the auger works to break through any clogs so that the pipe can drain properly. When the plumber then retracts the snake, it also pulls some of the solids back out of the pipe so that they don’t flow out and cause a clog further down the pipe.

While snaking is still the most effective option for cleaning clogged pipes inside your home, hydro jetting is definitely the much better option for clearing clogged sewer lines. Not only is hydro jetting much more effective at clearing stubborn clogs, but it also washes everything down the pipe and out into the municipal sewer system. The other reason that hydro jetting is superior to snaking is that it also fully cleans any fat, scum, and debris from the insides of the pipes whereas snaking only works to break through clogs and doesn’t actually clean the pipes.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Hydro jetting works by spraying a powerful blast of water through the pipe. The process works by feeding a long hose and nozzle through the pipe. Most nozzles have one stream of water that comes directly out of the end and several additional streams that come out at an angle from the back of the nozzle. The forward-facing jet of water works to cut through any tree roots and break up any solids that are clogging the pipe. The streams of water that come out of the back of the nozzle are directed against the insides of the pipe and work to blast away any fat and other debris that is stuck to the sides of the pipe.

A hydro jetting machine sprays the water out at anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 psi, and the plumber can adjust the pressure as needed to prevent damage to the pipes and ensure that the blockage is fully cleared. If there are any larger tree roots inside the pipe, the plumber will increase the pressure so that the jet of water easily slices right through the roots and blasts them out of the pipe and into the municipal sewer system. When a sewer line is simply being cleaned, the plumber will typically set the machine at only 2,000 psi as this is plenty powerful enough to blast the inside of the pipes fully clean.

Hydro jetting is completely safe for use on PVC, ABS, clay, and cast iron pipes as long as the pipes aren’t damaged and are still in good condition. Before hydro jetting, it is important to perform a camera inspection to check the condition of the pipes. If the pipes are too old or have any damage, hydro jetting could worsen the damage and potentially crack or break the pipe and cause your sewer line to start leaking. If the camera inspection shows that your pipes are in poor shape or reveals any damage, you will definitely want to have your sewer line repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

If you wait, your sewer line could potentially break and lead to your yard being flooded with sewage. A broken sewer line can also possibly cause sewage to start backing up inside your home and flooding your basement or crawlspace.

Understanding the Benefits of Our Hydro Jetting Service

Hydro jetting is definitely the most effective option for clearing sewer line clogs, but it is also a great preventative measure that can help prevent clogs and other plumbing issues. Fat, oil, and grease are often the biggest contributors to clogged drains and clogged sewer lines. These so-called FOG clogs occur because any fat, oil, and grease that goes down the drain will solidify as it flows through the plumbing system and can easily stick to the inside of the pipes. This leads to a sticky coating collecting inside the pipes that can eventually start to form what’s often known as a “fatberg.”

Whenever fat and grease start coating the inside of the pipe, it creates a sticky mass that can capture other solids as they flow through the pipe. Toilet paper and human waste aren’t really issues as they will start to break down as soon as they’re flushed and shouldn’t get stuck inside the pipes. However, any food particles that go down the drain can easily get stuck to the fat coating. Even worse is if you flush things like wet wipes, paper towels, and tissues, condoms, feminine hygiene products, etc. Any of these other solids won’t break down and can easily get stuck in the fat coating and quickly cause the pipe to start to clog.

Having your sewer line hydro jetted every year or so is the best way to prevent this problem as it will safely and effectively remove any fat and other debris that is stuck to the pipes. This means that your sewer line will be less likely to clog, and it will also work to help prevent issues like slow drains and sewage backups.

Whenever we perform a hydro jetting service, we will first use cameras to map out your sewer line and check the condition of the pipes. This is true both when we’re clearing a clogged sewer line and when performing hydro jetting as a preventative maintenance measure. Our equipment allows us to inspect up to 300 feet of sewer line, and our hydro jetting machines have up to 600 feet of hose. In this way, you can be sure that we have the tools needed to fully clean any sewer line. We also have a range of specially designed hydro jet nozzles that enable us to fully clean sewer lines from three to 20 feet in diameter, which means we can clean any residential sewer line as well as those found in industrial, agricultural, and even municipal settings.

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