Cleaning drains naturally has become a preferred part of routine home maintenance for many people. Drains are one of the biggest sources of odor in many homes. This can be due to heavy use, age, or environmental factors. Regular cleaning will save you plenty of headaches and prevent bigger problems from developing. Having your plumber clean your pipes every year or so as part of a regular home maintenance routine is ideal. You can prevent layers of caked-on grime that take a long time to clean with regular maintenance.

Experts caution against tools and kits that you can buy. These have a high risk of injuring your pipes. You should always avoid pouring chemicals down your drains yourself. Corrosion from the chemicals is a major concern. They can damage your plumbing system and do more harm than good. These chemicals are also toxic, and you should avoid having them near people and animals.

Your plumber has several powerful cleaning options that do not involve corrosive chemicals. A plumbing team can remove many years of debris and buildup from old pipes. Professional tools will also help your plumber examine and remove debris deep inside the plumbing system.

Talking to your plumber about the types of clogs you’ve been dealing with can help them assess the problem. You should also tell them about the age and type of plumbing you have. Older pipes that are prone to cracking have to be handled with care. You should also tell your plumber if you have problems with tree roots growing in or near your pipes. These have been known to cause serious problems. Here are some of the things that a professional team of plumbers can do if you want your drains cleaned naturally.

Start With a Drain Auger

Drain augers are also known as snakes. These are great tools for reaching into pipes and clearing all kinds of blockages. Augers work by physically pushing the debris around. They also have a hook at the end that is shaped like a corkscrew. Snakes or augers may be of various lengths suitable to diverse situations. This is a reliable cleaning method for stubborn clogs. Augers remove balls of hair, small items, chunks of food, and very thick tissue.

Smaller augers are about 12 feet long. Very long augers are a safe and reliable tool for clogs that are lodged deep in the pipes. Motorized augers can work 150 feet down your pipe and get near the sewer system safely.

You’ll sometimes see a plumber cranking an auger by hand. Other augers use a motor that is sometimes hooked up to the plumber’s truck. Both manual augers and motorized augers work great for different applications. Your plumber will not need to pour anything down your pipes to clean them with an auger.

Take a Closer Look With a Video Inspection

There’s always a chance that you will get a really stubborn drain problem. Sometimes, it is very difficult to figure out where the obstruction is. A good plumber will have a lot of different tools and options to help clean your pipes. If you can’t figure out exactly what the problem is with your drain, your plumber can inspect it. Modern plumbing video cameras make it possible for your plumber to look through the entire pipe system.

The plumber can examine the system to look for cracks, corrosion, leaks, and blockages. They can tell you more about any sections of pipe that might be prone to clogging or that need replacement soon. They will also be able to recommend implementing changes that will improve water flow and drainage. This could make keeping your pipes clean over many years easier.

Video examinations also help your plumber decide on the best method for cleaning your pipes. They can get a good look at how dirty the pipes actually are and devise an approach to clean them more efficiently.

Plumber’s cameras are a great way for you and your plumber to inspect the results as well. Many people who want to fully clean their pipes to avoid buildup will appreciate the opportunity to check things with a camera afterward.

Consider Enzyme-based Cleaners

Chemical cleaners that are readily available for purchase at the store frequently damage pipes. Safer cleaning alternatives for professional pipe cleaning can include enzyme-based cleaners. These are completely safe alternatives that will remove a lot of grime from the pipe walls. They will work on many types of clogs as well. Although you might still need an auger for larger clogs, enzyme-based cleaners can be a great option.

Enzyme-based cleaners are also a good way to remove odors from drains. They fight mold and mildew as well. These cleaners usually work by soaking inside the pipe for several hours. They function by breaking down particles, dirt, and pieces of food through the use of good bacteria. There are no chemicals involved with this type of cleaner.

Cleaning With a Hydro-jetting Machine

Cleaning with a hydro-jetting machine is a great way to get your pipes in like-new condition. A hydro-jetting machine is an extremely powerful pressure washing device that is made for plumbing systems. This machine uses only water to remove huge amounts of grime. It works on the oldest, most difficult plumbing systems.

These machines can apply as much as 35,000 pounds of water pressure per square inch. They will thoroughly clean the whole plumbing system, forcing hair, grime, grease, food, and even mineral buildup out of the pipes completely. Everything flushes down the sewage line with this type of cleaning.

Hydro-jetting machines work by inserting a nozzle down the opening of the drainpipe. This type of cleaning usually takes an hour. It is often recommended for pipes that have buildup stemming from tree roots growing near them. Very dirty pipes may take 90 minutes to clean with a hydro-jetting machine.

Getting your pipes to like-new condition is a great way to keep buildup away for a long time. It’s very difficult for grime, mineral buildup, and soap residue to attach to such a clean pipe wall. If you have recurring grime problems and clogs, this is a cleaning method you should seriously consider.

Expert Help From Experienced Professionals

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